What’s the Difference between a Fan and a Customer? [Learn from Football Marketing Experts in Nigeria]

In the Business of football, What’s the difference between a fan and a customer? ...You’re thinking now.

Hmmm, Let me guess your answer….

Fans raise funds… Buy tickets to gain entrance to the match and other team events… indeed, they are usually the year ticket subscribers, they are the ones that purchase most of the team’s merchandise and contribute about 25% of the club’s revenue.

So, there’s no difference…
the word Fan is just the industry parlance for customer, just the way service businesses call their customers – clients

Now, this may jot you…
 a little different from what you use to think it is, but sport marketing professionals see it this way…

Fans are not customers of the club…
 they are integral part of the team’s brand nomenclature… a team isn’t complete without their fans

Fans are the devout worshipers… they will paint their face green, Put on team’s replica jerseys… and go-on to evangelize… fly the team’s flag high during events and out there on streets…

Every other team and marketers in the football business is dying to be in this position — to boast of thousands of fans.”

Another important thing you should know is this…

Customers are King!  But fans are family… they are irrational and subjective in their judgement… the way they think and act… so they must be controlled to make the brand still attractive to the real customers.

While fan passion is as old as football game itself, leagues and franchises are now using cutting-edge technology not just to build winning teams but also to capitalize on the ardor of their fan base to grow their real revenue source — corporate sponsorship.

Now you got it, 
...the real customers of a Football Club are actually the Corporate Sponsors and media broadcasters. They are the cash cow… they deliver milk and honey to the team.

The thing is this…

Fans are the one that attract the corporate sponsors and the broadcasters to invest millions of Dollars in the team… so without fans the team is worth nothing!


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