Find and Choose your Own Football Agent/ Intermediary -Following Giani Boldeau Famous Counsel

Giani Boldeanu is football intermediary and  a mental coach of great repute... and we strongly recommend that you follow his counsel in the matter of choosing your football agent/ intermediary. Of course that is the reason we decided to publish this short and insightful article from him.

   I wrote this article in answer to the emails and phone calls our agency  have received recently .
 A lot of players, parents, managers and coaches asked us a lot of questions about:

  • How to choose an agent ?

  • How to find a club ?

  • What to do next in their career ?

  • Advice about the offers they have received.

  • Fake agents and scouts.

  • Scam trials and offers.

     In this article I will focus on how to find and choose your agent .

    How to find and choose your Own football agent ?

    This is an advice for parents, entry level players, coaches, managers and not only.
    Unfortunately the football clubs and academies don’t teach the young players anything about these matters.

 Like any other sports or jobs in football /soccer you have to develop your career over the course of several years to reach to high level in professional soccer / football.

This article will provide you with tips on how to find and chose the right football agent/intermediary that will represent you.

  The first thing you have to do is to assess your level based on your results, skills and other sport professional opinions. When you have the answer you can start looking for someone to represent you.

 Look for a football agent /intermediary that is working/representing and developing  players like you.

Types of agents

 Agents that have worked/working with top leagues (premier league) clubs and are representing top players. This type of agents will not represent you unless you a super talent.

 Agents that have worked/working with lower league second division, third division clubs that are representing low/medium level players also semi-pro and academy level players. This type of agents can be probably the right solution for you if you are thinking to become a professional player.


 Try first to contact an agent from your area.  Sending an email to an agent will not be the best idea because they receive hundred of CVs monthly.Try to speak with other sport professionals like: coaches/footballers/scouts or clients  that can put you in contact /recommend you to an agent if is possible. Call them, ask them to come and watch you playing, send them a CV and a good video.


  If you are a mediocre /medium level player don’t look for agents that are represented and developing top class players it will be a waste of time and you will not get any answer. Also, this will de- motivate you.
  If you are a player with brilliant CV and stats any agent will be able to find you a club, in most of the cases the agents and club officials will come direct to you, you don’t have to look for any agent or club..

   Things to do before to choose an agent

   Check the agent background. Ask the agent to give you a list with the players that her/him is representing or represented in the past .A good agent should provide you all this information. When the agent refuses to give you details or is evasive is better to look for another agent that will be happy to answer your questions. Ask for referrals from actual and ex clients.
   If the agent/scout will ask you for money in advance my advice is to stay away from this agent/scouts.

 When signing a contract with a club your parents (if you are under 18) agent or lawyer should assist you when you are dealing with the clubs. My advice is to don’t go on your own, you know football/soccer, but you don’t have the skills and experience of a lawyer or football agent in order to get the best deal. Don’t forget the footballer's career is shorter if you take the wrong decision you career as a footballer can end very early.

Services usually provided by a football agent/agency/intermediary

-Career planning and advice;

 -Sports coaching;

 -Contract negotiations;

 -Marketing / sponsorship;

 -Press relations;

 -Advice on financial and insurance services;

 -Agency Affairs;

 -Search appropriate attorneys at law, tax consultants, etc.

 -Media consulting and coaching;

-Support in the football life;

 -Support in the privacy;

I hope this article will help you to find and choose the right agent to represent you.


Written by Giani Boldeanu Football Intermediary ,Mental Coach

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