#The Greatest…What the World Love Most about Muhammad Ali

SUNDAY, as the soundtrack by R.Kelly
Blared again and again through the radio
"...Wait a minute, I'm the world’s greatest...."

 And I sat down there pondering...

Who in the world would have the audacity to
declare to the WHOLE world,

 Muhammad Ali... And he Actually said,
"I am the Greatest... I said that
even before I knew I was."

 What an AUDACITY!

 Even in death and the whole world
Stand to pay tribute...

 Everyone person seems to have
something to say
About the greatness... of Ali

Who was truly... the greatest boxer
Not of sportsmanship...that ever lived

Over 500 million tweets in one day
As the news of his demise broke

It was everywhere on Social media
Radio, TV, Newspapers... In our mouths

But what I loved most about Ali
was not his audacity...
and gifted prose (which was awesome).


I loved his relentless delivery and drive.
His commitment to greatness.
He 'say it and make it come to pass' mindset.

'Don't count the days... Make the days count'
  Ali said

My WORDS... I work relentless to keep to it
'Promises made are promises kept.'

I promise to do my greatest work for you
every day

Helping you find your own path to greatness 
As a football lover

So you can seize the opportunities
firmly with your own hands.
And never, ever let it go


PS: Sorry, this is not a boxing blog, it's still all about football, but we had to pay our tribute to the greatest sports icon…

Muhammad Ali... But did he ever played football?

 Pele on Instagram: “The sporting universe has just suffered a big loss. Muhammad Ali was my friend, my idol, my hero. We spent many moments together and always kept a good connection throughout the years. The sadness is overwhelming. I wish him peace with God. And I send love and strength to his family. // O universo do esporte sofre uma grande perda. Muhammad Ali era meu amigo, meu idolo, meu heroi. Passamos muitos momentos juntos e sempre mantivemos contatos todos esses anos. A tristeza é enorme. Desejo que ele descanse junto a Deus e amor e força à sua familia. #RIP @muhammadali

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