Nigeria Vs Denmark, Quarter Finals Fixture - Rio Olympics Men Soccer Event

Nigeria's Dream team will be playing its quarter finals game against Denmark at the Rio Olympics Men Soccer tournament

Nigeria Vs Denmark
VENUE: 51, 708 Capacity Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova Salvador
DATE: Saturday, August 13, 2016
TIME: 16:00 (8pm Nigerian Time GMT+)

Nigeria top Group B after beating Japan 5 - 4 and Sweden 1 - 0, but lost to Columbia 0 - 2. This tells a lot about the team's attacking prowess... scored 6 goals in three games, but again it also revealed the team's  defensive weakness also conceded 6 goals... 

Nigerian Dream team's success should hinge in its ability to outscoring its opponents and try to prevent conceding late goals.

GROUP B: Sweden, Colombia, Nigeria, Japan

 August 4          18:00   Sweden 2-2 Colombia
August 4          21:00   Nigeria 5-4 Japan
August 7          18:00   Sweden 0-1 Nigeria
August 7          21:00   Japan 2-2 Colombia
August 10        19:00   Japan 1-0 Sweden
August 10        19:00   Colombia 2-0 Nigeria

Denmark scoring ability comes to question after its team came second in Group A and qualified for the quarter finals scoring only one goal against South Africa.

 Perhaps, good in defending until Brazilians made mess of their defensive reputation by scoring 4 goals pass the Danish team.

GROUP A: Brazil, South Africa, Iraq, Denmark

 August 4          13:00   Iraq 0-0 Denmark
August 4          16:00   Brazil 0-0 South Africa
August 7          19:00   Denmark 1-0 South Africa
August 7          22:00   Brazil 0-0 Iraq
August 10        22:00   Denmark 0-4 Brazil
August 10        22:00   South Africa 1-1 Iraq

Preview of the Quarter Final Game
Some how Nigeria struggles with Scandinavian teams... Denmark plays a very clinical 'text book'  football... very tactical especially in their defensive build up and midfield play... But their attacking line have been very wasteful in Rio and may pay dearly for it playing a team like Nigeria.

 If Nigeria attack come to the party then it will be goodbye for the Danish team. Nigeria plays a very difficult style that requires high defensive  alertness  to curb... You hardly understand when the team is building up for attack and can really score goals when you least expect it.

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