Why Reinstating Giwa FC into NPFL Looks Bad for Shehu Dikko's Administration

This is some of the things that are destroying the brand reputation of Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL)... Not able to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the elite league.

The League Management Company (LMC) have reinstated Giwa FC into the Nigeria Professional Football League after they were ordered to do so by a Jos High Court on Tuesday.

Giwa FC was expelled from the NPFL by the league body after they failed to honour three matches in the course of the seaaon... which is in line with the Rules and Regulations guiding the league.

The LMC have now been forced to rescind their stand after a certain Mustapha Abubakar who claimed to be acting for himself on behalf of Giwa FC challenged the decision in the court.

According to a release signed by the LMC chairman which was made available to the media, the body stated that further processes are being activated to reschedule all the matches involving the club in accordance with the NPFL framework and rules governing the 2015/2016 season.

It has also directed as ordered by the court all Giwa FC players whose contracts were earlier cancelled to return to the club.

This decision has raised a lot of questions among football analysts and fans...
Does the regular courts in Nigeria now adjudicate football matters.. We thought matters like this should handled in the Court of Arbitration... and what is the role of the O&D in this matter?

Was LMC decision to expel Giwa FC not in line with the Rules and Regulations... so what informed the Court decision?

The implication is this... the case has become a precedence and LMC should be ready for tons of court cases from other clubs that may defult in the future.

Many of the fans we spoke to us feels the court decision is more than meets the eyes... It may have some political undertone and laughable... "Can any good thing come from the Nigerian league?"

Indeed, we felt that Shehu Dikko's administration in LMC is one of the best things that has happened to Nigerian football in recent times... The present LMC have done a lot to launder the dirty linen and poor brand reputations of the league... and this horrible decision is coming at a time fans are beginning to build confidence in the league.

Of course, you could say it was a court order and the LMC as a responsible body has no choice but to abide by the judicial interpretation of the law. That makes a lot of sense as an alibi... but are the fans you are trying to win back, ok with it?

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