Giving African Youths A Lifeline – the Bold Vision of GreenHunters Sports International

The most visionary, inspiring companies don’t  just exist to make money – they have a bigger, bolder purpose that goes far beyond the bottom line.

Find out how a football Marketing and Management company in Nigeria, GreenHunters Sports International, is making Africa a better place.

It's been like a divine purpose to give lifeline to millions of youth in Africa that possess raw football talent. A niche many sports businesses may not like to go into because it comprises of a large number of majorly impoverished youths with little or no income.

But that's the vision the founder of GreenHunters Sports Int'l, Benson Chukwueke saw... to touch lives, fulfill dreams and make the world a better place through football possibilities.

For instance, he believe... to sign a well trained youth into a professional football club in Europe or America can bring about the alleviation of  poverty in an extended family unit in Africa - giving the kind of money thrown at footballers these days.

So he uses various avenues to discover and bring togather these talented players in a two weeks Greenball training/ trial camp where they are taught not just advanced football techniques, but also the business angle of the sport... how to build a role model personality that can attract endorsements from corporate brands across the globe.

The Greenball camp is also an opportunity to assess players and scout them for possible trial test in some professional clubs around the world.

"We want talented footballers to come out of their shells and to showcase their skills in front of Scouts and Agents... 

so we invite scouts and agents from across the world to the camp... We also invite a highly qualified youth coach to help refine the raw talents with advance techinques and ball intelligence." said Chukwueke.

"It cost quite a lot to advertise the programs, to pay for scout through fare, to provide a conducive and well secured camp site as well as to successfully execute the project. 

It is even difficult to get substantial amount of players  to pay the highly subsidized participation fee... It's  putting a holes in our pocket."

The growth of the programs have been gradual. Many players and their parents seems skeptical to  believe. 

It seems too good to be true, but players that have tasted it are always full of thanks... It opens a wbole new doors of opportunity for them and give them more confidence to pursue their football career dreams.

Our success story is evident... We have been able to place few players into pro and semi-pro clubs in Europe and China. And others got Athletic Scholarships into colleges and universities in the US and Canada.

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