Mark Zuckerberg's Experience - Nigeria Still Safe for Sports and Business

Jogging in Lagos!
Good morning Nigerians and friends around the world!

Beside is Mark jogging across Ikoyi Bridge, Lagos. This is the same Nigeria, the same place we've been hearing all the scary tales about.. No Bomb detonated and nobody is trying to kidnap the world's 6th richest man and founder of  Facebook...

Yes, we are jogging without police escort; we didn't even inform government or any security agency that we will be doing this... There's nothing to be scared about really.

Of course, it is in the news...everyone in Nigeria knows that Mark Zackerberg is in the country. He’s been to Aso Rock and Alausa to see the President and the governor of Lagos state respectively. 

Mark is a BIG FISH; so militants know they will make a BIG STATEMENT and get global attention if they kidnap him.

But it isn't as the world media tries to paint the picture... Instead of harassment, Mark is experiencing lots of love and enjoying himself here. People are freely going about their business and as many that recognize him bring their head out of the moving vehicles to say Hi or wave their hands.

Later today, we will be going to watch a football league at the tick of Lagos, the Agege stadium. Just to let Mark cool off a little bit. It has been from one business meeting to another.

I thank Mark Zuckerberg for a job well done. Nigeria is safe for business and the potentials are huge…

 I mean very huge in tech, Agric, real estate, mineral resources, Micro banking, Venture financing, football sports... "Wow!" Mark keep exclaiming after every meeting... What a pleasant Surprise!

It's been said repeatedly, over a trillion times that the problem of Nigeria is leadership. We make politics dirty so it will be easy to loot the treasure. Even National Assembly (NASS) and the judiciary are not even sparing us when we need them more....

That is very scary for everyone. It scares real investors away while citizens continue to burn under the fire of sentiments and hopelessness...

 In a land as gifted with human resources… and has the potentials to become one of the world’s best economy.

That’s it...
I can't sleep well when I know that over 70 million Nigerians are unemployed and even more under employed... and a lot losing their job due to current downsizing.

Thank God the present government has shown enough zeal and the changes will soon be evident… But it is our collective responsibility if we want real change in Nigeria,

Let’s do all that is possible to kill CORRUPTION in all arms of government...

It may seem Nigeria is in recession today… but I always say, Nigeria has enough and enough to spare!

Let's all take steps to say NO to Corruption and Injustice!
 Thank you and God bless Nigeria.

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