Jokes Apart, Who is Truly Nigeria's Most Sexy Woman Footballer?

It's something that has been on debate in the football circle over the years and may never be resolved... As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... so there will always be devergence views.

But joke apart, who is Nigeria's Most Sexy Woman Footballer?

Some sarcastic fans would rather say sexy is something you cannot ascribe to Nigerian women footballers. The beautiful ones, the sexy ladies don't play football... They got to be tick skinned hard or stone cold dracula after a lot of knocks and excessive training shrinkled their muscles, most of them are now looking like Men.

We went to Popular side as usual to find out what the fans views are... after I read from "7 Really Sexy Nigeria Female Footballers that Every Man Can Have A Serious "konji" for. Laughable though, but this is what we got from the fans close to these players... and even fellow women players spoke to us.

 They said it got to be either  Courtney or  Francisca, but Assisat is one person that commands this adorable charisma that will make most men want to be around her.

3.Assisat Oshoala

Ebony looking beautiful faced Asisat Oshoala always has this cheerful aura around her that course both men and even fellow teammates to fall for her.

 The 22-year-old BBC World footballer of the year 2014, plays for Arsenal Ladies and rumoured that Super Eagles stars Kenneth Omeruo and Taiwo Awoniyi develops a lot of "konji" anytime they set their eyes on her...hmmm!

But Assisat looks more like a "tom-boy" and doesn't really possess those front or back azule that makes Nigerian men go gaga, yet she a lady you could pay anything to have a date with,..because her friendly nature is contagious.

2. Courtney Dike

It is more with Courtney Dike that possess such attractive boobs men can't  help but to stare at, sometimes to her embarrassment Many call her the cutest Nigerian female footballer. Good height and well rounded backside.

Training doesn't seem to affect her body, her skin looks so lursh and her simlely face so inviting. Many attributed her sparkling looks to her growing up in the states... Her body hasn't really been subjected to the tropical sun that shimmer in Nigeria, they say.

Sister to Super Eagles striker Bright Dike. The 21-year-old is currently studying Accounting at Oklahoma State University and plays for the Oklahoma State University women’s soccer team.

1. Francisca Ordega

Francisca is another player that quickly catches your attention in the midst of other ladies. Fair deboune  with a very stunning looks that can make most men  pi in their panties. Well shaped hips and sizable boobs... Francisca has an exceptional sense of fashion when she dress off the field

Perhaps, the only Super Falcons player that gets all the waves and whistles from male fans not just because of her outstanding football skills but her looks

The 23-years plays as a forward for Washington Spirit in the National Women’s Soccer League.

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