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T B Joshua Foretell 2018 WCQ and the Match: Nigeria Vs Algeria this Weekend

Nigeria will be great again... in everything that brings joy to our citizen. The lord is saying if we will let Him help us, we will be rich again.

"If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land..." the Scripture says.

If you ever open this webpage, PRAY FOR NIGERIA. Pray that the lord should heal our land, our nation Nigeria and make her great again.

Pray for our President Muhammadu Buhari and his Ministers... Pray for the legistrators and the judiciary  that God's wisdom should rest upon those in authority  to know what to put in place the right laws, the right interpretations and executions that will accelerate the growth of our economy...our polity.

Banish the Spirit of Corruption and violence in our country... Uproot all perpetrators of evil from high places (places of authority)... those that give wrong counsels and advise...  Rebels, those that move to destroy or syphon our common wealth...

Since I have got on this teaser  become the prophet of our country... Speak blessing and stop complaining!

Pray for the Super Eagles to win Algeria here in Uyo this weekend..

Football is one game we all love...that brings joy to our people, pray that mal-adminstration in our sports should stop... and stop denying our national teams from participating in major competitions and tournaments...

Declare that Nigeria will qualify for 2018 World Cup in Russia

Prophecy what you want and see it come to pass. GO SUPER DUPER EAGLES... GO AND WIN!

I forsee Nigeria  win by 2 goals and Algeria 1. No stopping our great team now!

Are you still wondering if these words are from Prophet T B Joshua, NO!

 It is just a teaser to get you to pray for our country Nigeria. I GOT YOU!

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