Benson Chukwueke and His Amazing Fans Attendance Booster App (FABA 1.1) - A Data Based Marketing Program Customizable for NPFL Clubs

2015/16 Season saw great improvement in spectators attendance to Npfl matches. A cumulative  average of 16, 000 per match... Kano Pillars  recorded a steady attendance of 20, 000 for most of its home games and Enugu Rangers broke attendance record on League final day match... with over 58,000 spectators forced themselves  into a 30,000 capacity Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium in Enugu.

It is logical to find a way to sustain the momentum and even grow the attendance the more in the years to come..and there are people already thinking ahead for LMC/ NPFL.

Benson Chukwueke, CEO of GreenHunters Sports International, a sport marketing company in Nigeria and founder of Inspire Football Life Community network, initiated the Fans Attendance Booster App (FABA 1.1) to monitor fans attendance as well as encourage and provide incentives for more frequent attendees.

How does it work: Membership into the fan club is free! Interested fans are encouraged to download the Faba App customized for their favorite club (for example: Enugu Rangers Int'l Fans App). Download at Google Play store for Android or Apple store for ipad and iphone.

To become a member, a fan downloads the App and simply complete an application form online, which is actually a 10-question lifestyle survey. After submitting the form, the fan receives an attractive  QR code membership page on the App, congratulating as well welcoming him or her as a  fully recognized fan.

The unique membership QR Code functions as a tracking mechanism to monitor future attendance. The member-fans receives points for their attendance by presenting their device QR code at entry point in the stadium...and read by a QR card reader confirming they attended the match.

The App offers a payment option and you can easily purchase an e-ticket for.the match. The App also has a forum where fans chat and interact with each other as well as players and draw opinion poll from matters raising. It is a great platform for engaging and mobilizing the club's fans.

Each match is worth 3 points, with selected games worth 4 or 5 points . In the way it works, the program is similar to a frequent-flier scheme...the more matches you attend, the higher the level of the prize.

The benefits of FABA 1.1 are numerous. It engages fans and make it so ease for them to interact with their favorite club on a daily bases.
The database created from members information provided on the club's App, help the club target groups for ticket plan, special events, and merchandise.

The likelihood of selling a ticket to someone in the database is greater than the norm, because those database  have already demonstrated knowledge of and interest in the  club's product through their previous attendance.

In fact,  by monitoring fans' attendance, the club  is better position to suggest a ticket plan that reflects a fan's current level of interest in the club. Only fans can subscribe for yearly or monthly ticket plan.

The database  can also be used to identify  club members who have not attended matches very frequently, giving the club marketing staff an opportunity  to contact such fans to determine whether there is a challenge and to demonstrate that the club is caring... send goodwill messages to fans during birthdays, marriage anniversaries or other of their special day.

Fans Attendance Booster App is so Amazing that it doesn't only engage fans and sustain their attendance, it can increase attendance by 100% on a yearly bases.
Management that want FABA 1.1 App customized for their club can contact GreenHunters Sports International. Call: +234 809 877 2556. Or email:

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