2017 Valentine's Day Gift: 3 Techie Wearables to Frick Your Football Lover ( Something Really Special and Innovative )

Take my advise, don't keep fighting or trying to sway your man away from his passion for football. I know you feel it's the reason for the divided attention...or worst still, he's paying more attention to football, but that's because you are the one distancing yourself from his real life hobby. You are to support him, you are to be his true companion.

Imagine that you love football too... Both of you discuss the games at home; two of you support the same team. Wouldn't that help your communication and relationship? Imagine both of you go out together to watch those matches...or stay at home to celebrate when your favorite team wins... and you calming him down when your team loose badly. Wouldn't it strengthens his devotion for you. BE SMART!

What I'm saying is this, if your lover loves football that much, then start loving the game too. That's the secret that will mash two of you together as one even more than SEX... as you mingle together, nothing will be able to come between your close relationship successfully.

Do I hear you say you can't get yourself to start following the game you hate so much or doesn't give a damn about? I'm sorry, but how did you end up in the hands of a football frick? I do not envy you at all.

What you can do is to allow him anytime there's a match he is interested  to watch... but hear this, to ensure he doesn't run away to watch a football game on Valentine's day without you, buy him a special gift he will love so much and feel you are no longer mad at him. Buy him a football related wearables.

There are these three tecky and Innovative wearable he would really love to show off with. They would really be special to him and he will love you more for these:

1 Smart Wrist Watches: Picking the best smartwatch is tougher than ever, given the breadth of choice on offer. With Samsung and Apple innovating and a strong field of Android Wear watches from big designers like Fossil, Nixon and Casio, there's never been a better time to buy.

Smart watches like Apple ios2 or Samsung or KeldD Android series are just best for football fans. It is just like your smartphone and you can follow a football game live on your chosen App that relay live video or moment by moment blogging straight to your wrist watch. And a goal is scored the watch beeps to notify you...with an option to watch the playback video of how the goal was scored and who scored the goal.

Smart wrist watch has varieties with different prices ranging from $150 to about $990. You can purchase online Amazon, Konga. Jumia...

2 GPS Wrist Watches: Fossil and Nixon series even does more tracking your health... you blood pressure, heart beat, blood cells... Great for footballers to track their progress in training... help prevent heart attacks and cardiac Arrests

Check out second-gen Garmin smartwatch has the same 24/7 activity tracking and support for smartphone alerts as its predecessor, the Vivoactive. What it adds is Garmin's own Elevate heart rate tracking technology which monitors your HR continuously and gives accurate indications of calorie burn through the day and night. And it's better looking.

There's GPS and dedicated apps for football,  cycling, swimming, running and golf plus support for skiing and paddle boarding too. Connect IQ adds apps while battery life is eight days, 13 hours with GPS.

GPS watch prices varies between $95 and $700. And you can purchase online on Amazon, Konga, Jiji or Jumia.

3. Snapchat Spectacles is new on the block. A Sunglasses that has an inbuilt Snapchat App. Takes video clips and send them real time to your snap stories as well as Snapchat friends. Incredible fun for football fans as you can create 2 second video clips of what see to your snapchat App on your SmartPhone.

This is going to change the way fans consume football content from a eye-witness point of view. Back stadium views, changing room actions... anywhere the fan can take quick video into his Snapchat stories running for 24 hours.

Harry Brown used it during the fans cruise with PL winner Leicester city. So much fun that his snap stories went viral on the Buzz.

Snapchat Spectacles  range sell for about $170 to $385. Currently sold online at Amazon.

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