Akin Alabi: The Man Who Discovered Gold in Sports Betting

The man who will eventually discover gold, Akin Alabi's life changed when he first discovered the power of the Internet in 2000. And launched his search into a millennial kind of business called "Information products and Marketing" in 2003.

Akin Alabi tried his hands in several related businesses; writing and selling books, manuals and other information products. He proceeded to launching his own seminar and training company specializing in teaching, consulting and mentoring other young people starting their own small businesses.

 He also started publishing a business opportunity newspaper titled INCOME, which became a bible for small business owners in Nigeria and beyond.

Alabi’s search continued... driven by his love for knowledge and innovation, you are almost sure he will go this way in his search, being an ardent football fan. He first launched World Soccer News, a weekly sports newspaper, before he eventually discovered "Gold" in Sport betting business.

Sport Betting is a virtual gold that has turn many young Nigerians from poverty into enormous wealth, both as business owners, agents or players. Over NGN500 billion move around this business in Nigeria yearly.

Alabi has gone on to build  one of the greatest sport betting brand in the world - NairaBET, Nigeria's first online sports betting portal. Nairabet is the most popular and probably, the biggest sport betting brand in Africa...if not the world over.  It has over a thousand mega outlets and more than 7500 agents’ shops across the country.

Nairabet keep raking in money for Alabi like a pipeline connected into a "money ocean." It is said that Alabi's net worth is currently at US$50 million; most of his wealth coming from the "goldmine" that has dwarfed every competition.

He owns some of the choicest luxury cars such as BMW X6, Range Rovers Sport HSE, etc. He also own a mansion in Lekki Phase 1 and a well furnished office within the same Lekki. 

Of course that's what will happen, being an Ibadan man... an adent fan of 3Sc and Manchester United. Nairabet currently sponsors 3sc, splashing a whooping NGN 120 million yearly on the legendary club of Ibadan. 

Alabi is also a season ticket holder of Manchester United.

NairaBet recently endorsed Africa's woman football iconoclast, Assisat Oshoala with a whooping NGN5 million per annum. Yes, Alabi is touching the life of his people with his wealth.

Alabi is heavily involved in philanthropic works. He is the founder of Akin Alabi Foundation, a not for profit outfit, aimed at improving the well being of the average Nigerian.

With the motto, touching lives one person at a time, the foundation has successfully implemented projects like building and donating classrooms to primary schools, sinking of boreholes in areas where there is scarcity of water, financial empowerment of widows, free business and vocational trainings for youths across the country and lots more.

You may think he started out from Corona, University of Nigeria or OAUs of this world, but Alabi is one of our own "Omonile." This genius had his primary education at Command Children School, Ibadan; his secondary school education at Federal Government College Enugu. He then proceeded to the Polytechnic Ibadan where he obtained a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Administration.

He went on to further his education when the money has come. Alabi now holds a Master’s of Science (Msc) degree in Marketing from the University of  Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

His desire for more knowledge has led him to attend professional certificate courses in business, marketing and management in glamorous institutions worldwide. He holds a certificate in Intellectual Property Strategy from Harvard University, Boston, United States among others.

Born March31, 1977, and Just 39 years old, Alabi is one of the genuinely richest men in Nigeria and a role model to our generation.

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