How NairaBet Measures the Impact of Its Advertisement on 3sc Shirts - Using 3 Parameters

3Sc is perhap the only team in Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) that got full commercials going for them - having licensed the supply of their kits to Owu Sportswear and Shirt Sponsorship to NairaBet in 2015/ 16 season. Although, the amount involved in these two deals are not officially known, but from grapevine we heard the Shirt Sponsorship deal may worth about NGN120 million.

Now, NairaBet didn't go ahead to advertise on 3Sc shirts just because its directors are passionate about the club. Well, that may be contributory, but there are certain Corporate objectives the management may have outlined and envisaged that the Shirt Sponsorship would accomplish for their Sports betting brand before they decided to spend substantial part of their promotional budget on the 3Sc deal.

Truly,  NairaBet  decided to ride on the popularity of the Ibadan based club to gain goodwill and favorable  responses for its brand among the sporting community in Nigeria.

 Argubly, 3Sc is the most popular club in Nigeria with legendary status... although, the performance of the team in recent times has been lackluster. NairaBet partnership is intended to boost the club's ability to attract and maintain high quality players as well as coaches into the team. And in return gain positive exposures and goodwill among the fans.

The question really is, at end of the 2015/ 16 season how best can NairaBet measure the Success or Failure of the sponsorship deal...that will give them relevant information to make the right decisions either to continue or abandon the promotional option in coming seasons.

How Can NairaBet Measure the Impact of Its Advertisement on 3Sc Shirts?
Most Shirt Sponsorship impact are measured majorly by media and physical exposures...
How much does 3Sc appear on mainstream media TV and Press photo shots on (newapapers, magazines, postals) on one hand, then Social media photos and videos on various platforms like Youtube, Vine, facebook, twitter, google+, instagram... on the other hand.

How much does the "walking billboards" (fans putting on branded 3Sc jersey) on the roads, events or at stadium arenas... determines how the Nairabet gain ascendance and remain fresh in the mind of the new as well as existing customers.

But How Can NairaBet Measure the exact impact with these three parameters...?
For the onset, NairaBet should have determined how to weight each criterion of the three measurement parameters
1. Sales Criterion: The increasing sales is actually the end result of every successful promotional campaign. This can be weight this way:
a. Increase Sales (how many Account were opened and actual staking within the period)              10%
b. Increased Subscription (How much data base of potential customer was built within the period)      10%
c. Increased Traffic to NairaBet website within the period    10%

2. Corporate Image Criterion: The rate of favorable responses towards NairaBet's brand show how aware and accepted by target audience. It can be measure as follows        
a. Enhancement  of Corporate credibility             12%
b. Enhancement of Market position                     10%
c. Understanding of Corporate  Core Values.       8%

3. Exposure Citerion: How much has NairaBet been exposed to remain fresh the mind of it's target audience.
a. Increased  public awareness of the NairaBet brand       20%
b. Increased media appearance in form  of text, photo, video 25%
c. Increased spread of 3Sc replica jersey and other branded merchandise 15%

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