Morocco on the Match: Harve Renard Secret Weapon Could Pay-off Again - WATCH OUT AFCON 2017!

Of course, nobody will see him coming, because we may be looking at the other side... Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon and DR Congo are flying high... It's looking like one of them will finally cart away the African Cup of Nations trophy in Gabon.

But that's Harve Renard's secret weapon to work like a "Smooth Operator." One match at a time, he slowly and silently shows up in the foray and then, there's no stopping him!

Take a crew from how he discomfited Cote d'Ivoire on the final Group B match. The country he led to win the last edition's trophy in 2015. Morocco scored 1 - 0 against the defending champions on the 64th minutes of the game and held on to the single goal until the final whistle. Alas, Cote d'Ivoire, one of the favorites to win in Gabon, clashed out.

If Renard and his ever improving Moroccan team scales the north African derby against Egypt in the quarter finals match, then anything can happen! As the quarter finals draw is, some of the favorites will cancel out one another: DR Congo Vs Ghana, then Senegal Vs Cameroon. That will put Renard in a position to wave his magic wand once again.

Ghana's coach Avamt Grant and the Black stars' squad 2015, will not forget in a hurry how Renard stole what would have been Ghana's victory at the finals of the last edition. You can’t call it a coincidence anymore, Renard is an AFCON specialist and he'd have a secret weapon.

Renard might once again raise a single quizzical eyebrow, but as he has made his reputation by consistently challenging the continent’s status quo, to upset it at intervals.

Renard used to talk, partly in jest, partly to please the media, about his "lucky" white shirt. Crisp, well-tailored, he was recognized for his attire — always the same shirt — on the touchlines of Africa Cup of Nations even before he was better known for his Midas touch

Renard, 48, is the man who guided Zambia to their first ever triumph in the event, in 2012... Something, Zambian fans didn't expect themselves. Renard motivated the team in an unusual way, taking them to the site of the plane clash in Gabon, where their teammates perished years ago. That was it!

Renard stayed in the job for an unsuccessful defense and then moved on to manage Cote d'Ivoire, tasked with taking a richly talented squad beyond the stubborn rut of near-misses and underachieving that had deprived them of the continental prize. And in 2015, he delivered the Trophy to the passionate fans of this football crazy West Africa country.

Can Renard deliver this same AFCON trophy to Morocco, this time around? WATCH OUT!

AFCON 2017 Quarter Finals Fixture

  • Saturday, January28 at 5 pm in Libreville– Burkina Faso Vs Tunisia

  • Saturday, January28 at 8 pm in Franceville - Senegal Vs Cameroon

  • Sunday, January 29 at 5 pm in Oyem —– DR Congo Vs Ghana

  • Sunday, Jan uary29 at 5p m  in Port Gentil —— Egypt Vs Morocco

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