Nigerian Players Travel - Find Moldova Football A Good First Step into Europe

 The True Story
A family friend once asked me, "Is Moldova a good place to go?" Well, if you're looking for a paradise city in Europe... where to start a good life, get a good job or start a good business... Sorry to disapoint you,  but don't you dare travel to Moldova! You may get stranded for life!

My advise is this, a Nigerian player who did not succeed in a Football trial in Moldova, should quickly take the next available flight back home. If you dare defect, you may just find yourself  turn into a begger on the streets of Tiraspol or Chisinau.

I don't envy most of the stranded Nigerians in this east European country of former Soviet Union (USSR).  Due to untold hardship in that country the righteous has become even worst than Lucifer. They go about seeking for who to defraud just to find money to purchase flight ticket and escape back to Nigeria. It is really horrible out there.

Moldova is one of the poorest country in Europe and as usual all the problems, such as economical and political, are reflected on the living condition of the people. The only flourishing industry in Moldova as at today is the football industry. The clubs are owned by the tycoons and Wasap Mafias.

After independence in 1991 in the Republic of Moldova, football only started to develop by the involvement of some business tycoons like Victor Valdce, former Police chief and ownet of FC Sheriff; started from the very beginning.

Clubs began to improve their infrastructures and open the door for foreign players. Valdce has used his exposure and connections to collaborate with Agents and set up a great scouting team for his club.

The Agent that Open Moldova Road
Noel Maduako, a Nigerian businessman connected to Victor took advantage of the opportunity and started to transfer many quality players from Nigeria: Chidi Odia, Isaac Okoronkwo, Chiedo Chukwueke, Edward Anyamkegh,  Razak Omotoyossi, Fred Idikagbo... Mainly to FC Sheriff Tiraspol.

The Irony is, while other Nigerians saw hell in Moldova, football players found the country the easy gateway to "heaven" (Western Europe).

Sheriff being the most successful club in Moldova:Three times they reached the group stage of UEFA Europa League but never made it to the knockout stages.

Sheriff  players started attracting the interest of other clubs  in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Croatia, Belgium, UAE...

Chidi Odia was transferred to CSKA Moscow and Isaac Okorokwo to Locomotiv Moscow. Fred Idikagbo was transferred to FC Brugge in 2002. Edward Anyamkegh tto Karpaty Lviv in Ukraine, Razak Omotoyossi was also transferred to Helsingborg in Croatia.

The success of these Nigerian players at Sheriff Tiraspol made other clubs to go for any opportunity to sign a Nigerian player. Star striker like Yero Bello and defender Ovie Monday signed for FC Milsami; and Nigeria International Sani Kaita also signed for FC Saxan...amomg a long list of Nigerian players that started their European journey from Moldova.

Opportunities in Moldova Football
All the teams in Moldova are ready for collaboration with serious agents. Moldovia can be a good starting point for the players. It’s not so difficult to bring players in Moldova but there are some specific requirements.

Sometimes clubs can’t pay the flight ticket and usually coaches ask for a trial before signing and transfer procedures take place.

 Before a player is invited for a trial coaches will check out video footage of the player. It is more of advantage for a player already in any age gtade level of his country national teams. No club offers contracts without seeing the player at work at the field.

Salaries for Players
Salaries are not so big... they range from $2.000 to $20.000 USD per month. Champion Sheriff Tiraspol can pay the highest salaries...and able to offer a Sign on fees ranging from $50, 000 to about $500, 000 USD depending on where the player is coming from. It is easier for Free Agent players to sign. Money is never the attraction for players moving to play in Moldova

In reverse, it’s very easy to transfer players from this region to mainstream Europe.  Of course there are not so much quality players in Moldova, that gives Nigerian players the platform to showcase their skills and shine brightly for all to see. And then, a great chance to be noticed by big teams in Europe. Moldavian clubs are not so rich and are ready to sell their players for reasonable transfet fee.

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