Football Career: How You Can Find A Club Abroad, Go for Trials and Negotiate Your Own Deal Without An Agent

You can be your own Agent, so to say! I know this may sound outlandish, but it is true! You don't always need an some countries and in some clubs at the lower leagues... you can go for trials in such clubs, sign a contract without any Agent involved.

For instance, you don't need an agent to sign for any club in Nigeria. It is like that in Countries like Finland, Hungry, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Belarus to Fiji island, Malta, Canada to mention a few.

Chika Johnson, a player  now under our management told me how he negotiated all his deals by himself while playing in Malaysia.

I spoke to Emeka Lucky, former Iwuanyawu Nationale player while in Bangladesh. And he told me how he made so much money negotiating deals by himself at this Asian country. I can attest that Emeka Lucky has made a lot of money playing in this rather football remote country.

Even in Europe, if you are willing to start with the lower divisions in Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Serbia... Or you want to penerate Spain, Germany, Italy, France...through a semi-professional club; you don't need an Agent to accomplish that. You can get into collegiate soccer in USA without an Agent.

Having said that, I should say it is better to have a good Agent working with you. S/he will represent you better and help you to accomplish more in your career. There is many advantages you can gain working with a good Agent. But for some Agents you're better off on your own.

The challenges you may face representing yourself could be that of language barrier and inability to understand and interpret contract clauses and stipulations, simce you are not an expert or a lawyer. Unknowingly, you could sign yourself into slavery.

Well, in some cases, you may just be required to fill a general form and a translated version may be given to you as given to every other players in the club. Perhaps, a translator may be made available to you or you may be asked to find one by yourself... to put you through.

I find out that most players put a whole effort seeking for an agent's contact or connection. If you channel the same effort in finding club's coaches and management contacts...requesting them to invite you for trials... you may be miles ahead. You may even find luck.

Of course, you have to be prepared; you have to put together a professionally shot and edited video footage of your best performances in several matches; then an attractive football career profile/ CV. Send it directly to club coaches or management contacts you find. A lot of clubs contacts are online. Search Wikipeadia or Football Association website of the country you are interested in.

Have your video footage and profile posted on TransferMarket, Soccerway or ScoutMeOnline websites makes it easy for clubs to find you and to invite you for trial. Clubs are more willing to invite you for try out when you state that you are willing to pay for your flight ticket... and you are silent about Appearance fee. State that you will seek for flight ticket refund and Appearance fee only when the club is willing to sign you.

Let me tell you one secret, most club management do not like the guts of player's Agents during contract negotiations. You would prefer dealing with the player directly. Well, it doesn't mean you are better off alone. A player's agent will press and make sure you get better bargain for your services. This is reason sometime club management seek to coninev with notorious agents to short change an innocent player.

This is reason it is advisable for only big name players or old timers who are vastly experienced in the business of football and contract negotiation process to handle there own deals. The reason you need an Agent in the first place is because you lack experience and may mess things up negotiating by yourself.

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