Nigeria Vs Burkina Faso - the Next International Friendly Fixture this March 2017 | Watch Tony Ukwadi's FREE Broadcast!

Nigeria Vs Burkina Faso
Venue: The Hive Barnet FC Stadium, London
Date:  Monday, April 27, 2017
Time: 8:00pm GMT +

Nigerian fans vent their anger after what seems to be a black out in the first friendly game played at the Hives Stadium north London against Senegal, which ended in a 1 - 1 draw.

 The issue is DStv/ SuperSports did not broadcast the match on satellite pay TV and the online streaming link NFF traded for N500, did not work. So most fans back home in Nigeria got frustrated after trying all they could to stream the match, but to no avail.

Well, we resorted to following the live proceedings through Facebook and Snapchat story. Thanks to Tony Ukwadi who was at the Hive Stadium live and decided on his own to share the match video story on Facebook and Snapchat with thousands of Nigerian fans around the world who depended on his snap of short live videos... and Ukwadi did a nice job.

He created the 10 seconds videos every 5minutes, capturing both the actions on the pitch as well as spectators round ups... It was fun to watch!

For Burkina faso match, I don't think any tv station was licensed to broadcast it, so it may go the same way the Senegal match went. In case you will like to connect to Ukwadi's run on the match, follow this simple steps:
1. Download Snapchat App on Apple Store or Google play store for Android users.
2. Install and complete your registration on the platform.
3. Search for Tony Ukwadi on the App and follow him.
4. Connect to him match day by 8pm Gmt+
5. Enjoy Ukwadi's social broadcast on Snapchat story FREE!

You can also connect him on facebook. click this link: 

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