10 Things A Sport Marketing Agent Will Do for A Football Player Like You

The best thing you could do as a football player is to sign up with a Sport Marketing Agent! So While you are training and getting better in your skills, you're rest assured there's someone out there working to obtain commercial offers for your services.

This is probably what most players in Nigeria are lacking. While they keep training and hoping that one day an Agent or Scout will show up to take them away, they end up growing old and nothing happens.

The forward looking players go on searching for a player's Agent(Intermediary), which they get quite  disppointed when they find one. What they really need is a Sport Marketing agent. There are lot more a sport marketing Agent could deliver to you,  which a player's Intermediary may not have the expertise to accomplish for his players.

Although, in practice, many player's Agents are now taking up Sport Marketing courses to upgrade their knowledge and skills in this regard. In fact, it is now difficult to say who is a player's agent, different from a sport marketing Agent.

A Player agent's job ends in finding a club for his player and helping him negotiate a contract. I guess that's what most players are looking for. But there are 10 ways a Sport Marketing Agent can make a player become even more successful in his career.

1. Packaging the Player: For a player to be attractive to a club, a sport marketing expert would quickly want to package the player. First, he takes the player to a better academy or amateur club where his talent and skills can be improved.

Within the period, he works with the player to produce a very attractive Video footage of the player's best performances as well as his football profile (CV). The Sport marketing expert may go ahead to record the player's statistics and his buy out, that's if he is under contract, on transfermarket, Soccerway  or ScoutMeOnline websites.

A well package player can easily be searched out by clubs and offer him trial opportunities.

2. Promoting and Procuring Trials for the player: A Sport marketing expert is always in connection with Agents, Scouts, Club managers and can easily promote a player under his agency... and to obtain trial or outright recruitment (signing) offers.

The sport marketing Agency protect their player and prevent imposter who parade themselves as Agent from defraudimg him. There are good, bad and urgly agents. The Sport marketer has the expertize to detect the bad and the ugly ones and save the player from all the troubles.

3. Building a Player's Personal brand: A sport marketing Agency knows what it takes to make a player attractive to fans, clubs...to increase the player's commercial value. The Agency help their player create and build a personal brand that remain positive in the mind of fans, officials, club management and the corporate world.

It requires a lot of public relations; media propaganda and laundry... as well as community appearance and participations. The sport marketing agemcy will always come up with right branding strategy.

4. Endorsements: the corporate world love to associate with football stars that has positive influence on their fans and the public at large. They endorse the players personal brand with the aim to improve the acceptability and sales of their own product brand.

Corporate brands pay huge sum of money to endorse a football star who is an influemcer The sport marketing agency knows how to source and broker endorsement deals for their player. This is another  major source of income for the player, apart from signing for a club.

6 Protecting player's reputation from media and public attack: A player often than not get into trouble because they are always in the eyes of the public. A player may not be able to manage it when his reputation is publicly attacked...and if he is not careful, the media may color him bad.

The Sport marketing agency has the expertize to douse and manage a player's reputation in times of crisis. Even in cases where the player is guilty, sport marketing has the know how to engage in media laundry, wash off the negative effects on the player's brand reputation.

7. Handle player's welfare: The Sport marketing agency handles the general welfare of the player: medical, taxation matters, investment portfolio, media promotions, family matters, transfer market issues, litigations...

The sport marketing agency take off the burden of the player, so he can concentrate to always produce high performances on the pitch.

8. Identify and relate closely with the player's fans: The fans can make or mar a player's career if they are not cultured. The sport marketing agency helps the player identify his or her fans. And frequently relate with them in such a way many of them becomes loyal fans standing behind the player even in times of crisis.
It requires both in the pitch and off the pitch brand building strategies and only the sport marketing expertise to successful achieve fans loyal insistence for the player.

9. Creating a great Social media presence: To have a strong social media presence makes a player even more closer to his fans and increases his popularity as well as influence. A player social media follower also increases a player's commercial value.

However, uncontrolled social media ranting has put many players in trouble with their clubs, fans and officials. A sport marketing agent understands how to use social media to increase a players popularity and commercial value. They can up with the right strategy to build a player's personal brand through social media.

10.  Creating a player's Personal Social Responsibility project: A player enjoys more positive and favourable responses from his fans and community when he gives back to society. The sport marketing agency will help you plan and come up with strategies to implement your personal social responsibility project

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