Football Academy Registration in Nigeria - Know the Requirement (What, How and Why)?

In this article you will get to Know

  • 1. What are the Requirements for Football Academy Registration in Nigeria.
  • 2. How to Register a Football Academy in Nigeria
  • 3. Why you should Register your Football Academy here in Nigeria

Football Academy is the place where young footballers go to learn the right techniques and tactics to prepare them for a professional career in the sport.

Most young people enrol into a Football Academy for one basic reason: to learn how to become world-class professional footballers. So it is important to ensure that in setting up , your academy will be able to fulfill this cardinal purpose.

An academy is not a football club, where the emphasis is more on winning trophies and building such a brand that is attractive to fans and sponsors. An academy is a school...a place of learning, glooming and developing future footballers.

Like in every institution of learning there should be a minimum standard every academy should meet for accreditation and approval.

1.What Are the Requirement for Football Academy Registration in Nigeria?
Currently, not much is being checked, but if you want your football academy to be world class, you must put in place qualified personnel, World Class training merhod, equipment and facilities.

It is not about employing just any qualified coach from Nigeria Institute of  Sports or ex-players, but there are developmental coaches specially trained to groom young players. You look out for them and employ them in your academy.

Developmental football have methods such as "Total Soccer Method;" "Soccer Growth Method..." There are also training devices and books such  as Soccer Bible, Association Football Training Manual.... You should go for these methods and materials.

You should have a well leveled grass pitch for training; balls, bramded Bibs, Cones, Swipes and dummies for practice. Magnetic Board colored cock for indoor classes...

On the other hand, setting up an Academy gives you an opportunity to do more than just teach football skills. You can also create an organised and safe environment to nurture leaders and role models...building the social and moral values of the young people in your care.

2. How to Register A Football Academy in Nigeria
You do not have to go to Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) glasshouse office Abuja to register your football academy. Your State Football Association can register it for you. All you need do is to obtain the Regestration form and pay the fees.

In some State FA, they may send an official to inspect your facilities and part of the document you will have to submit is the qualification certificates of the Managing director as well as coaching staff of the proposed academy.

Although, in most State FAs in Nigeria they pay lip service to these things... once you pay the fee you are up and running. You may make a one time payment as well as a yearly dues, since academies do not as yet pay institutional tax in Nigeria.

3. Why you Should Register Your Football Academy
It is illegal really to operate a football academy in Nigeria. I know nobody really clamp down on the numerous sub-standard and unregistered amateur clubs that go by the name of a football academy; but if you operate an unregistered Academy may not have the legal right to claim your players or offer a Mandate to allow a Player's Agent seek transfer of your player to a professional club.

In case where your player is transfered, especially to clubs abroad, you may not be able to claim his or her Training Compensation legally, even when the player completed your academy membership form or had some sort agreement with the academy.

It is usually a huge loose when your academy is denied training compensation of your player transferred abroad, which is usually between 25 and 15% of the Player's Sign-on fee.

You can operate a profitable football academy in Nigeria if register it legally and follow the templates of most successful academies in the world. In the next article, I will inform you on how academies raise funds and make profits from their business. See you on the other side.

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