What Chelsea Fans Are Planning to Do in Nigeria...in the Next Few Weeks - It Will Amaze You, Have Fun!!

Chelsea fans in Nigeria are getting ready to win Premier League 2016/ 17 Season. And we wonder what they will do this time around.

An excited fan went on to paint his race car all Blue. That set us off  and we decided to bring to you some funny photograghs we found online...then we titled it "The Things Chelsea Fans Can Do in Nigeria - enjoy the fun.

Chelsea are pushing on to get their up and running again.
Chelsea Cow

Chelsea Victory Road show

Chelsea fans street parade

Chelsea fan pray the Islamic way

Patience, Nollywood actress go Spiritual for Chelsea

Either side, Chelsea fan goes mus-Chris.

Chelsea Birthday cake for Paul Okoye (PSquare)

Chelsea Christmas

KC,  celebrate Chelsea win in his Sitting Room

Father and Son Chelsea Fans

Mr. Ibu, nollywood comedian also support Chelsea

What More...

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