How Important is A PR Manager and Why Every Football Player Needs Such A Big Brother?

Paparazi is following you everywhere and snooping at everything you do! You need an experienced  Public Relations Manager to help you outsmart every one trap they set... and go ahead to get all the recognitions as well as endorsement deals that you deserve as a football player.

In this age of media microscope, one can only wonder how shortsighted our football executives, coaches and players are when they leave themselves open to paparazzi and the nagative media stories that follows, which greatly affect public opinion about them.

While the exploits of Nwankwo Kanu and some few other players were positive sports stories that still receive public endorsements years after their career. That cannot be said about Etim Esan, who by himself distroyed what would have been a most illustrious football career in world history.

Peter Odenwingie's unguarded rantings on twitter social media, may have painted the fair player black in the eyes of Football adminstrators, coaches, media and fans, not only in Nigeria but the world at large.

All these stories have two sides, but unfortunately nobody is interested to hear Etim Esan's side of the story or understand that the outspoken Odenwingie, was only airing his views. Their side of the story is far less interesting than that receiving the bulk of attention in the media.

Often than not, football players get into trouble and begin to search for ways to manage their personal crisis. Some of the cases players like Emmanuel Emenike fell victim of, should have been easily avoided or averted if he only had a public relations Manager.

A Football player just like other stars is in the eyes of the public. There's an important need to manage your relationship with the media, fans, employers (club management and endorsers), league or tournament adminstrators from having an overriding negative impression about you and your football.

And in case you get into trouble, you need a PR manager to undertake media laundary and other interventional actions that quickly douse the effect on your career.

In Nigeria for instance, where the local football suffer from low media attention and fans interest; players may be performing so well in the league, tournaments and more, but get low recognition, which inadvertently affects their endorsement deals and contracts.

This is why we greatly appreciate what Ojikere Aikhoje and his League Bloggers Award (LBA) are doing to give recognitions and promote made in Nigeria Football.

Engaging people like Aikhoje, who has great PR skills, close relationship with fellow journalists and experience in the sports industry, he can help you build an enduring personal brand to become an acclaimed football player.

A Public Relations (PR) expert can help you build and manage a unique brand identity... and always make sure you’re on the media for the right reasons.

You could have a more impactful career through off-the-pitch community service and personal social responsibility projects conceived and administered on your behalf by your PR Manager.

You can rightly see what First Class Sport Marketing Company is doing with Assisat Oshoala. It is important when choosing a player's manager, you should look out for the person that has indepth PR skills and experience.

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