1 Thing You Should Always Bear in Mind When Pursuing A Professional Career in Football - Very Important

Dreaming to pursue a career as Professional football player is good, but not as easy as we see in the movies. I think the movie like Western Union Money Transfer Advert, exaggerated a lot and gave many young footballers the wrong mindset.

While playing in the village one day, an Agent came all the way from Europe and drove down the hinterlands to find this young talent displaying awesome skills on the dusty sand doom..and the Agent immediately pick him up from there and took him to a top flight club in Europe, where he signed a lucrative contract and began to earn millions of dollars...

It happens, but not exactly that way. There's a lot of blank spaces, the untold part of the story in that  45 seconds advertisement. No agent or Scout will come to village or to the pitch in your location to see you play. It rarely happens. It is more in your dreams than in reality!

Sincerely, if you want to be true to yourself in your pursuit of a football career, you must understamd these four essential facts.

1.Supply is over 1000% Higher than the Demand for Players: There is over 500 million players struggling to get into about 10 million professional and semi -professional clubs in the world...including colleigate teams. Every agent and every scout have more than enough players on their hands. There's in fact, a very stive competition in the players transfer market.

If you are a good player, you must find a platform to get the attention of Agents and scouts. You should a least produce a very attractive video highlights of your  best performances and make such video footage available to as many agents and.scouts you could effectively reach.

Agents and Scouts are more available in top rate tournaments such as Fifa or Caf..and if you have never had the chance to play in such competitions, then you must look for platforms that deliberately invite scouts and agents to see talents on display.

2. Clubs are not Looking for good players, they Are Looking for A Fit into their Team: You could be a very good player and still unsuccessful in club trials. The club already have a team and a style of play...if you can't fit into that system then you don't stand a chance to be recruited.

So when you get a chance to go for a club's trials, take time to study the team and it's style of on how you can fit into that team.

3. Football is Not A Career, It's A High Risk: Understand that your football career could end in the next game you play. You could suddenly sustain an injury or loose playing form...and you are forced to end your playing career.

This is why you should start planning for the future from the first salary you earn. One of the things that destroy players are squanderlous lifestyle. You must work on your off the pitch lifestyle...stay away from drugs, alchol and illcit sex

Imvest your earning more on improving yourself educationally. Think of what next after your playing career and start now to work towards it. Invest your excess income now to create more wealth for the future.

4. Understand Professional football is different from Recreational football: In recreational football you play for pleasure and when you are not the mood to play, you stay away from the game. But in professional football you play according to instructions and programs of the team, whether you are in the mood or not.

You must keep agreement and work in line with your contract. You can easily get into trouble that ccould mess up  your career when you pitch against the coaching crew or club management. Of course, you must stand for your right when need be.

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  1. Excellent and informative. A hard truth. However this is not to kill the dream to play professionally,but it will equip one with the right information and help one to put in the necessary hard work to make dreams come through.