2 Minutes Video On How We Spot Football Talents in Nigeria

We take a different approach because we know the raw deals that go on out there in the ghettos...where incredible talents are developed almost naturally. This lads may never find the bulk money to register in some of the world class academies we have here in Nigeria. So we knew from the onset that we have to take our search beyond the academies or youth clubs.

So we check out these very young players who are involved in the gamblers game, popularly known as monkey post 5v5 or 6v6 aside... where winning is almost a matter of life and death.  Here every player learn how to stay focus and give more than just their best... the outcome of those games are natural development  of ball skills, creativity and clever moves. The time lads spend with the ball is 2-3 times longer than conventional norms in academies or youth teams...and that’s essential for football skills development. Now watch this very interesting 2 minutes video.

You can send us your video or video of someone you spotted around your location. And we can check him out or invite him for talent assessment here in Lagos Nigeria. WhatsApp us your video +234 809 877 2556.

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