Evander Holyfield's Message to Youths At Channel Kids Cup Season 9 Finals - Lagos Nigeria

Although, it is a football tournament and not boxing, but the presence of Former World heavyweight boxing champion, Evander Holyfield at the Channels Kids Cup Season 9 talk to the kids, overshadowed even the presence of ex-football international like Peter Rufai. But that's understandable Holyfield was an august visitor.

Holyfield told the kids three things that will always make them champions in life, the things his mama told him years ago. Watch Video 

The channels kids cup final coincided with coincided's visit to Nigeria where he donated $31million USD to the primary health care going on in Lagos state. Holyfield felt so opportuned to talk to these grassroots kids knowing his message will be imprinted in their heart for a long time.

Meanwhile, African Church Central Primary School from Ogun State beat Burahanudeen LGEA Primary School from Kwara to win the Channels International Kids Cup season 9.

But the final before the finals, wherwye AC Central beat their rivals from Kwara State 6-5 on penalties after a goalless draw, a lot of cheers from excited fans.

One of the milestones the cadet tournament achieved this year was going international with schools from Ghana and Republic of Benin participating...  and more organisations as well as dignities associating the success of the tournament. A friend once joked that Channels Kids cup is even more dignified than Federatiom Cup in true!

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