1-Skill Jorge Mendes Say Will Make You A Most Successful Football Player's Agent

I told participants at the workshop during the recent Football Business Seminar we held in Lagos Nigeria...what Jorge Mendes said was the singular most valuable skill one needs to acquire to become a most successful Player's Agent/ Manager.

The workshop  centered on the job of a player's Agent was so germain that participant started asking for more...and by popular demand we decided to organize another one day Seminar and Workshop with exclusively expose on how to become a Successful player's Agent.

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Cognate Knowledge and skills are very important in the job of football players' management, but one singular skill that will distinct you from the rest is your ability to negotiate your way through and connect with the people that matters in the business.

Just like in every business of life, it is not more about what you know, it is about who you know!
# Your connection and networks will open several doors of opportunities for you... to the point that you can even learn on the job through mentorship.

#  Your connections will give you access to places you may not be able to reach all by yourself and help you get things done quickly.

Imagine working on this one singular skill for a year or two--once you improve on it--will raise your value by 90 percent. The one singular skill you need is the ability to NEGOTIATE your way through and increase your network. Jeff Bandet said, "Your network is your networth."

The return on investment you make in improving your ability to connect with people that matters in business will pay off for the rest of your career. So give it your best attention!

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the billionaire player's Agent, Jorge Mendes' admolition to a class of Sports business students at Colorado University back in 2013.

Mendes has been named Best Agent of the Year at the Globe Soccer Awards six times ... representing top guns like Cristano Rolando and Jose Mourniho...and has one of the biggest networks that expands from Europe to America and China. He has negotiated several record breaking deals.

"It is like that, some of the skill set you require to excel in this business may not be taught in the classroom.Your skill in negotiation and in creating relationships will give you mileage as you continually improve your networking with people that matters in the business."

Common Mistake Most Agents Make in Building their Network
The question is, who are the people that matters in the business?
Most player's Agent spend a lot of time trying to connect with other Agents, hoping to ride on their networks for success or gain more experience from the more established ones. It doesn't pay much that way. You may be feeding from the crumbs that fell on the ground...sharing little or nothing from the Agency fees. I found out long ago that most agents doesn't like sharing their commission with anyone.

With the same effort, try to find possible ways to connect with clubs presidents, secretaries, managers (Head Coach)  and least of them all, connect with club scouts.

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