100% Accurate Soccer Betting Formula - How Much Do You Want to Win This Week?

They say football is not mathematics, but with recent technological software that stimulate imputed football data with such a complex formula to come up  with almost 100% accurate predictions of the outcome of a match, has proven that football can be mathematical after all.

So you don't just take blind risk using manual permutations or the rule of the thumb that leaves you with less than 50 -50 chance of winning in football betting. But with Football Form Lab, you can take a more calculated risk with almost 100% accuracy. So you can now decide how much you want to win this week.

Football Form Labs provide the most effective football betting software on the market with the ability to analyze games both pre-match and in-play across 50 different leagues.

You can also generate your own models and see the statistical impact players have when they are missing.

Form Labs software is the betting tool that gives you all the insight you need to make more winning bets. Form Lab MAX and Form Lab Black offer you everything you need to make your pre-match predictions and consistently beat the bookmakers.

This is a gambler's secret weapon... you can purchase and install the software in your desk top or mobile device. It is like owning a money printing machine in a secret room. With Football Form Lab you can no longer worry about winning, but about how much you can win each week... And as you win, it increases your capacity to stake even higher amount of money the following weeks. This may be the easiest way to become a real millionaire in the next 3 months or so.

  • Football form lab reduces the risk of staking almost to zero level. 
  •   it gives you the reason and assurance you need to stake big and WIN BIG 
  •  You no longer put your eggs in one basket. Football form lab shows you the best league to stake your money this week, depending on the software stimulation results and the odds it presents to you.
  •    Easy to use, easier to win.

We recommend you try the Software yourself to find out if it'll work for you. We offer you a 14 days Free trial, No Obligations! If you are interested click the icon below to register your contacts and we will send your free trial link.

For further inquiry, telephone or WhatsApp: +234 809 877 2556

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