Football Trials in 3 European countries, Post on Nairaland - Scam Alert!

This is to inform you that Amiyno Sports Management is not hosting any open football trials from Tuesday 13th June - 16th June 2017 as posted on Nairaland website.

We observed that this post on Nairaland forum was copied verbatim from the post of Amiyno Football Trials that was held in March 2017...using the same banner, but only changed account number and registration of N4,500 (four thousand five hundred Naira).

Click link to See Nairaland post:

Now click to see the original post on CheerOnNigeria:

Scam Alert & Warning: (Cavert emptor) It is at your own risk if you pay into the account at UBA Bank, Abdulateef Lekan Account Number: 2093320111.

 He is not a staff or associate of Amiyno Sports Management (present or former). Process is already in place to get the person whose bank account number reflect on the post and mobile number (+2348083055781) explain to the police why he/they decided to impersonate Amiyno football trials and bring the outfit to disrepute.

This post is to formally dis-aassociate Amiyno Sports Management with this football trial in June as posted on Narialand. I suspect this may be a sponsored post on Nairaland... and understand that the owners of the forum may not be implicated or associated to a paid advertorial on their website.

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