2017 Summer Kids Football Camp Lagos Nigeria - This August Break! #TestMarketing

What's  your plan for your kids this coming summer holiday? Schools will be on vacation for upto 80 days (2 months)... Are you taking them for vacation abroad or are the kids staying back home as you work day and night, almost everyday of the week? What's your plan?

We understand, since the Nigerian economy went into recession, company's had no choice but to cut down on staff to the extent that one person is now deployed to do jobs meant for two or three persons... 

Parents jobs are more demanding that they hardly find time to go home and spend quality time with their children. 

For this reason, may be,  more parents could be looking for a fun place where they can keep their kids to learn something new that will  be beneficial to their overall development,  during this long vacation... breaking free from the regular summer school or summer coaching classes. 

And in a football-crazed country like Nigeria, where more passionate fathers really want their son to become the next Cristano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, many of them may want to sign up to a well managed football camp in a well secured venue. That means more kids can pack their bags and head off to summer camp with their friends. 

For two weeks or so, kids can sleep away from Mom and Dad and work first hand on ball control, dribbling moves like leg over, shot at goal post like volley and flip backs (Shagalo),  passes and ball positioning... using Total Soccer Methods (TSM) for 6 years to 15years old kids.

Our proposed camp will be located at Digital Bridge Institute,CAPPA Bus stop, Oshodi Lagos and run by well qualified school sports masters and care givers.

The venue has one of the best natural grass pitch and a world class domitary system can be set up in one of its various accommodation halls with 24/7 electricity and treated drinking water... all amenities working perfectly well and cannot be compromised during the camping period. So the kids have the thrill and drill of what it's like to hit the big-time professional football team.

Parents also have the option to drop in the morning and pick up in the evenings if they prefer their kids to come from home.

GreenHunters Sports International in-conjunction with JB soccer Academy Ltd and Total Soccer Method Netherlands, are test marketing this program event to parents around Lagos and Ogun state environs. If you are interested in sending your kid(s) to the camp. Click to Register Your Interest Here
For further inquiry call or WhatsApp:  +234 809 877 2556

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