5 Things Agents, Scouts, and Clubs Want to See About Your Football

You may still be asking questions, I have written hundreds of mails and sent my football CV as well as DVD to several Agents and clubs across the world without any reply. I have posted my Match videos on Youtube and Vine without any positive result to show for it. WHAT ELSE?

Well, the answer is simply, it doesn't work that way!
I can tell you from the perspective of an Agent: “ I put on my data in the morning and notifications are flashing… You’ve got 50 new mails… and the next 15 minutes I am deleting, without opening, just scanning through the subject, all mail which have not come from a previously known address are delected.

I get hundreds of new mail from footballers daily and I cannot just keep pace with the inflow, CVs upon CVs, links upon links, thus forcing me to ban all incoming bulk mail .” ...that's how it goes with most Agents. They treat all mail from footballers the same way - DELECT IT!

How to Get Agents and Clubs Interested in Your Football
No doubt, you may be a good football player with some outstanding talent and skills, but how to get the interest of top professional football clubs require careful documentation and profiling of not just your best performances, but your unique attributes, current data and past Achievements. Do you have:
1. Promo Video
2. Profile and Achievement Photos
3. Credibe Data and Statistics information
4. Media links and Extracts
5. Best match videos in current Season...
If you have these materials and make them accessible online, you will be able to attract the interest of Agents, Scouts and Clubs faster than when you have none of these.

It is difficult nowadays for an Agent to convince a club about a player's football talent and skills without Attractive Promo videos and verifiable evdiences. They may want to see your TransferMarkt or Soccerway link.

In your TransferMarkt or Soccerway profile webpage, they expecr to see your:
1. Promo Video
It is vital for you to have a promo video. Promo video is a short clip , made from various games (matches), where a player presents himself and emphasize his attributes.

 Ideally it is from three ( 3) to maximum ten ( 10) minutes long. The most important thing for agents is the date of the video. Promo video should not be older than 1 year , and should be regularly updated. Most of the players insert their best career moves and highlights, but the key is to show your best attributes in a promo video, not just the best moves.

2. Profile And Achievement Photos
Photos are not so important as promo videos or entire match videos, but they contribute to your
CV credibility. The trick is to post recent photos, especially photos that support your career achievements.

Of course, your profile picture should be the passport on your CV or front picture in your Promo video, probably in a club or national team jersey.

3. Credible data and Statistic information
Numbers and stats define your career , and, what is utterly important, they are verifiable. So, do not enumerate false statistics, trying to impress agents, but rather tell the truth .

Some of the players are goal scoring machines, some collects yellow cards, but what statistics really reveals is your quality on the long run. Its effects diminishes after one year or so...not playing, because of injury problems, or other factors, revealing your true potential and current value.

4. Media Links and Extracts
Links are another factor of your credibility . A tire sheet of your
interview in a national or local newspaper or magazine, a link to your match highlight or a video of your goal(s) in evening news, or any other outsourced link or highlight increase your profile’s credibility and, what really counts, increase agents interest in you.

5. Best matches in Current season
Matches (events) are the key to your success. Every player should have a promo video and at least two or three videos of entire matches where s/he performed so well...from the current or last season .

 Ideally players should upload or link up to three best matches of the season, so the agents can be sure of the qualities they’re after.

How to Produce or Access your Match Videos
 How or where to get the entire match videos in questioned is another thing, but the fact is that a lot of matches nowadays are recorded on video, and it is vital for the players to get them. The best way is to ask their club or competition organizers, or the person or television station that filmed the match for a copy, and also for a permission to use it on the web (to share it with others, analyzing the game…).

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