Arsenal Fans in Nigeria May Increase By 30% with Kelechi Iheanacho's Signing

Arguably Arsenal has the second largest fan base in Nigeria, just closely behind Chelsea. And some sport marketing analysts believe there could be a great shift in loyality if the London club succeeds in Signing the Nigerian golden boy, Kelechi Iheanacho.

Iheanacho is perhaps the most marketable sports personality in Nigeria today that has such subtle influence to sway a lot of fans to cross carpet. In spite his very limited apearances,  Iheanacho has made a non-popular club in Nigeria as Manchester city to gain over 3 million fans across the country; in the last
two years or so.

Sure, Iheanacho's fans will follow him to Arsenal if he eventually sign for the london club. But then, Sport Marketing analyst Paul Oguma, believes Iheanacho will do well at Arsenal. As we all know, he sited, Arsenal's manager has the pedigree for grooming  young players with techincal dept like Iheanacho. "Wenger will make Iheanacho a Super star in the Premier League."

"With Iheanacho's technical dept, wenger is likely to give him more playing time at Arsenal and he may even grow to become a key player during the 2017/18 Season." said Oguma. ...and if that happens, then there would be a lot of fans cross carpeting over to Arsenal.

Research has shown that the signing of John Mikel Obi, Victor Moses and several other Nigerians were instrumental to the large following of Chelsea in Nigeria. So it is with the Gunners. The escapade of Nwankwo Kanu while in Arsenal endeared the team to millions of Nigerian football fans.

As speculations continue to rise in the TransferMarket regarding which club Iheanacho will eventually sign...will it be West Ham, Everton, Southmpton...and the latest rumour that Arsenal may be the ones to get him to put his signature on paper.

Oguma thinks of all the clubs, Arsenal will be the best option for Ihenancho's transfer.

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