Golden-boot Capital: Invest in Outstanding Players and Other High Profiting Football Ventures in Africa

Have you ever heard of a scheme named: Golden-boot Capital? Perhaps not, but if you were aspiring player looking to start a top flight professional football career in Europe or China, probably you would have heard of this scheme piloted by GreenHunters Sports International, a Sport Marketing Company based in Lagos Nigeria.

Golden-boot Capital is one of best football-oriented scheme known in the world, especially here in creates a platform that provide critical financing for outstanding players and other high profiting football ventures in exchange for a management or ownership share in the business.

First, millions of young players here in Africa are struggling to break out of their shell... to pay their way to football academies, club try-outs or trial camps organized in Europe, America and China...where their skills can be seen by Agents or Scouts and possibly recruited by a top flight professional club abroad. The very outstanding skilled players with no money to fund their trip, are given the opportunity to make use of Golden-boot option.

Second, individuals or start ups are struggling to develop market innovative football goods and services, and need initial  funding in order to continue operating. If the invested goods and services succeeds and attract Corporate Sponsorship funding or go public (sell stock to investing public) the venture capitalist may decide to continue enjoying its dividend or sell its ownership share, earning a large returns on its investment

Some of these innovative football products such as starting a tournament or a club or an Academy... may not be able to initially attract Sponsorship funding until it gains brand reputation that lure corporate organizations to want to associate with it. So the organizers may initially use Golden-boot funding by given a percentage ownership share to interested venture fund and bring the product event to become an alluring brand for Corporate Sponsorship in the near future.

The job of Golden-boot capital scheme of GreenHunters Sports International  is to match together potential investors and individual players or organizers of innovative football products needing such funding...and receive agency commission for its services.

Golden-boot Capital offer opportunity to interested investor. For instance, Golden-boot capital bring an investor to watch some certain outstanding talented players who just got opportunity to go for trials or trial camps abroad and give the venture capitalist the opportunity to adopt and fund the player's trials. If the player succeeds the venture capitalist earn agreed percentage of the player's remuneration for  a stipulated period of time.

Recently, Kingchuzea, a trading company that deals in the sales, marketing and installation of Solar products, decided to enter an agreement with the Golden-boot capital Scheme...and went on to fund "Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE)." 

MTE is a football Scouting event that invite Agents and Scouts from top football clubs around the world to come to Lagos Nigeria to see some selected and nurtured footballing talents brought together from around Africa.

Organizers of MTE were able to prove to Kingchuzea how they plan to make the event the biggest Scouting program in Africa and how MTE can attract Associate sponsorship in the near future. Now any player that were selected by the Agents or Scouts during the program, who eventually succeeds in signing a pro-contract with a club, a percentage of his remunerations will be shared between MTE organizers and Kingchuzea for a period of one year.

Want to be a Golden-boot Venture Capitalist?
Of course, investing in the future of a football player is a HIGH RISK! What if the player doesn't succeed in signing any contract with a club...the venture capitalist looses a lot of money! But with the kind of money thrown at players in Europe and China these days, it is worth taking the risk! Golden-boot Capital Scheme is one of a High Risk, High Yielding investment out there. A venture capitalist could earn over 1000% of his investment in just a period as short as one month or so.

If you or your organization are interested in becoming a Golden-boot Venture Capitalist, then register your interest Here. And we will contact you when an opportunity is available to invest in a player, event or other football projects, goods or services. REGISTER NOW!

Of course, it will always be your choice after looking at the pros and cons of any available football investment opportunity. We will sit down with you and the organizers to look at the business analysis and profit potentials of each opportunity.

Want to Use A Golden-boot Capital to Fund your Trials or Football Project?
It is also a HIGH RISK to use a Golden-boot Capital funding option because you may just sign-off a large junk of your earning or profits to the venture capitalist. But if you don't have money to push further in the football market, your skills or project ideas may not see the daylight.

So if it is your only possible option, why not use it than to keep on waiting. As they say opportunity comes but once... and it will be your decision to share your future earnings and profits with the venture capitalist.

If you have made up your mind to use the Golden-boot Capital Scheme, then contact us with your project plan and we will connect you with interested venture capitalists. Use our contact form at the bottom of this blog, email us: Or  Call: +234(0)8098772556

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