DBN Africa/DMS TV Want to Cover Every Grassroots Sports in Nigeria

DBN Africa, Nigeria’s only exclusive sports television station, has been trying for a few years now to  capture Nigeria sports industry by the coverage of both local and world class sports content to its global tv audience. Something largely lacking in the country before now.

Grassroots sports contents like Copa Coca cola, Masterclass Talent Exhibition, Nigeria Women Basketball league, boxing, Tennis tournaments... events most mainstream television stations in Nigeria would not bother to broadcast on their station are given vent in DMS 8 O'clock News special.

One of its flagship program "Sports In Da Mix" a blend of sports and music...usually a telephone call in and on the street interview program are particularly popular among sports fans especially in the Lagos metropolis.

DMS enroute Kwese TV Ghana to air on DMS/KFS 32 Free tv732 (Abuja DSO) StarTime 124, and UHF32 are really scoring high in the delivery of not just grassroots sports contents, but also  rights to air popular sports events like Fifa World Cup, Premier League, US Open, Olympic games, Diamond league... which afford household of every strata to enjoy their favorite sports brand right from their living rooms.

And thats exactly the vision of  the founder/Chairman DBN Africa, Osa Sonny Adun, to build a global brand with African origin.

First, Degue Media Services (DMS) are positioned to create unique selling proposal (USP) out of grassroots sports events that would normally not see the day light. So they are game for contents like Mock Nations Cup in Ajegunle, National Sports Festival, NUGA games, Principal Cup and the likes.

Second, DMS operating on digital terrestral station want to afford sports fans of  every strata the channel to connect and enjoy their favorite local sports as well as their favorite global and popular sports events, whether they live here in Nigeria or in diaspora. So when next you are searching for that sports content you could not find in any other stations, check DMS tv first.

Mike Ofili, Managing Director (MD) of DBN Africa said: "DMS global audience is fast growing and expanding, could reach an average of 10.5 million viewers daily by the end of 2017. Our aim is to make DMS a most watch television station for Sports audience not only in Nigeria, but in Africa and the world at large."

"We' re already working on DMS App and soon we will be streaming live TV online ...and our popular programs posted for our audience to watch at their own convenient time."

Mr. Adun is so passionate at providing a most exciting working environment with the on going contruction of their world class corporate Headquarter, Dream center in Lekki Pennisula phase 1. And my personal experience during the post production of Masterclass Talent Exhibition highlights with their largely exurburent young staff seems to suggest they understand the trend and how to make it click in the modern tv media space.

You can't conclude talking about DMS TV without a mention of Samuel Eze, the production crew manager that makes most of these local contents turn out so creative and attractive for global viewership. Indeed, if you want your next sports event here in Nigeria to receive a global exposure on TV,  consider putting a call to DMS business develop office now.

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