Nigerian Golden Legends [Access Free Comic Online] How CSED Use Sports to Promote Education And Social Wellbeing in Nigeria

Happy Independence day! I guess some of you may be asking "what is it to be happy about?" Well, there's lot of positives we could point to, but as long as you remain pessmistic about our country Nigeria, you may never see the good in the land.

Decide to see differently and be very enthusiastic as well as optimstic about the future of Nigeria.. It actually starts with you. Change your mindset and delibrately take steps to contribute postively and help fellow citizens, especially the youths, see what we have achieved and what we can still achieve as one indivisible country

Join the Campaign: "Be part of the Solution and Don't cause more troubles for our country Nigeria.

I am personally impressed with what COMMUNITY SPORT AND EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CSED) are doing to change the mindset set of the children and youth in the Niger Delta. CSED is an Non Governmental Organization that uses sports in promoting literacy among Nigerian youths.

Their graphic comic (Nigerian Golden Legends) that was published online in 2016 have been making a lot of impact inspiring the children and youth to greater heights. This is the first sport/football graphic comic to be published in Nigeria.  This comic could be read online for free at:

According to Cornelius Ehimiaghe, one of the program coordinators "We support wellbeing of Nigerian children and youths. CSED is an NGO that uses sports to promote  education and social wellbeing of Nigerian children and youths.

We are a UK based NGO that seek to use participation in sports related activities to promote the book reading habit of Nigerian children and youths, especially those living in rural communities in the Niger Delta area.

The goal is to develop well balanced sports men and women, as well as use sports to empower young people to fulfil their potential and achieve their dream of earning a living through sports and representing Nigeria in future international sporting events.

The Niger Delta area of Nigeria  is made up of nine states. However, it has produced more than sixty percent of Nigerian sporting heroes.  CSED would work with corporate  organisations, international and local community development  organisations to promote education, capacity building and grassroots sports activities in rural areas in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria.

In the past one year, CSED has collaborated with  international organisation (United Nations Office for Sport for Development and Peace) and national  organisations (Nigeria School Sports Federation and Channels TV) in promoting educational and sports activities that have benefitted children and youths all over Nigeria.

CSED has published a 40 page graphic novel  that tells the story of Team Nigeria at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. This graphic book has been available online since the first week of August 2016 and over 1.8 million views in less than one year. We are using the opportunity to encourage you to visit the website and to also introduce it to children as well as youths in your neighbourhood and schools.

In the next few weeks, we will keep you informed of our free training programm

e for Game Master/Mistresses in the Niger Delta area, as well as our partnership with any local and international NGO."

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