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Get Your Talent Assessed And Go for Football Trial Abroad - Immediately

If you feel you have developed your football skills to the point of starting a professional career, don't just sit down and keep hoping and dreaming. Get your talent assessed to kick-off the process of starting a professional football career immediately.

Three things Player's Assessment program will do for you:
1. You may be certify as good enough and be selected to attend other club trial programs.
2. You could have an Agent or Manager ready to sign you up and henceforth manage your career.
3. You could advised on what next you should do to improve your football skills and techniques.

These are some of the reasons you should quickly come out of your shell and find a platform where you can assess your football skills.

GreenHunters Sports International assess players in Lagos Nigeria. They also organize Talent Exhibitioan and Trial Camp programs, where both local and international Agents and Scouts attend to select players for their club trials and signing, especially abroad.

Quick. make a telephone call to get details of the next assessment day and book to participate. Call: +234(0)8098772556

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