Scammers Are Invading Footballers On The Internet! [Beware of This Latest Scamming Method]

[Beware of Phishing Mails and Don' t Loose Your Money to Fraudsters!!]

The internet is getting even more dangerous to believe anyone. And the various social media platforms are where these nefrious activities of fraudsters are growing like wild fire. Football players seeking club on the intetnet are falling prey to this latest Scamming method.

Of every one true player's Agent on the internet are at least ten impersonators using his name and photograph to defraud footballers online. 

SCAM ALERT! One thing you should know as a football player is this, hardly would any true Agent contact you because he saw your picture or profile or video clips online. Anyone who contact you by this means is a SCAMMER!

These fraudsters are invading footballers on facebook, Linkedin and Youtube. And this is  their latest method of operation.

They go on these social media platforms searching for anyone who has photos or has a profile as football player on facebook and linkedin...or anyone who has a football video clips on Youtube. They send him or her a phishing email; for instance:

"We saw your football profile/ video clips online and "VVV Venlo FC is willing to invite you for their open trails. Send the copy of your International Passport and I will make the invitation letter."

 If the player respond to this Phishing mail, then a fake invitation letter would be sent to him stating that the club will provide flight ticket and accommodation. Then the player will be directed to send the invitation letter to a travel agent who will help him get the visa. As the player send the invitation letter to the said travel agent, the travel agent will reply asking the player to pay for eVisa fee, Dhl and service fee.

Once you pay, Gbam! You have been duped. The SCAMMERS will block you and cut off all communication with you. There are several similar ways of defrauding footballers now-a-days, so beware when you receive this kind of phishing mails! Don't fall prey out of anixety for cheap schemes like this.

REPORT to EFCC or Interpol any bank account sent to you to pay the Visa fee or any name and address given to you to send through Western Union Money Transfer.We must move to stop these fraudsters on the Internet! You can as well reporr to whistle Blower +234(0)8144455597

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