SCAMMERS ON THE RUN: What Will EFCC Do to Clement Marvelous, Diamond Bank Account 0085439272 Defrauding Footballers Online? [Whistle Blower]

This is alarming and I have real evidence on how many innocent football players have already fell victim to these Fraudsters and lost Millions of euros in the process. And I feel the Economic and Financial Crime Commission or the Police must do something fast to STOP THEM!

They impersonate various player's Agents and use various telephone numbers, emails and bank account in their neferious operation, but this is what we found out:
1. They Impersonated  Sanel Konjevic as the Player's Agent Involved in the deal...with  different contact
Telephone: +447947352846

2. They impersonated Alieu Jammeh as the Travel tour Agent based in Senegal... with contact
Contact person Alieu Jammeh
Phone number: +221-783-762-128
Fax :  (221) 332 3456
Address : No 09 Airport Road Dakar Senegal

3. They use this Diamond Bank Account Number to receive their fraudulent payments
Account Name: Clement Marvelous
Account Number: 0085439272

4. They also use Western Union Money Transfer and ask the player to pay into:
Name: Kargbo Emmanuel Osman 
Address : No 22 Hann Maris Dakar Senegal 
Question : what 
Answer : visa

Read this very pathetic story of Abdulmalik Peter Usman, one of their recent victims.

"I received a phishing mail impersonating Sanel Konjevic. He said he saw my football training video on facebook and he can get me a trials at Sheriff Tiraspol fc in Moldova, that I should scan the data page of my international passport and send to, which I did
Four days after he mail me an invitation for open trials in Sheriff Tiraspol that will expire in three weeks time.

According to Invitation letter, the club will pay for flight, accommoddation, feeding... Then the said Sanel Konjevic ask to contact Alieu Jammeh who will help me obtain the eVisa fast. He gave the address as state (No 2 above)...ask me to send the invitation letter to him for confirmation....which I did.

Three days later, the said Alieu Jammeh sent me a mail...that he has confirm the invitation letter and it is good. I should pay a total of €350 (three hundred and fifty euros)...itemized as follows1. fee2. 80 euros.........DHL courier3. 140euros..........Service fee.He gave option to pay through Western Union Money Transfer with payment detail (No 4 above)
...or alternatively pay to Clement Marvellous with a Diamond bank Account detail (No 3 above)
Both the said Sanel Konjevic and Alieu Jammeh opened a WhatsApp communications with me...Jammeh sent me several samples of eVisas hr got for players from Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast...and after I paid the money through Clement Marvelous Diamond bank

...they block me on WhatsApp and stop all communications with me.

See Sample of Fake eVisas Sent to me 

 Meanwhile, before I paid, I sent the invitation letter to Sherriff Tiraspol fc email I got from their website. They didn't reply me quickly and because the urgency (the three week expiration time) I had to comply and pay so I may not loose the opportunity...that was how I was duped.
Just three weeks later Sheriff Tiraspol fc admin officer replied my email..stating that the club didn't send such invitation letter and has never had any dealings with the Agent Sanel Konjevic."
Well, this post serves as an eye opener and a warning to innocent footballers seeking to start a career or find a professional club abroad. Something is being done about it by secruity operative and I believe the days of these fraudsters are numbered...but don't fall for the trap and be their next victim BEWARE!

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