2018 Football Trials Schedule and Guide for Players in West Africa

When we talk about football trials, we are essentially talking of how you can sign for a club in 2018.

It requires serious planning and preparation! Otherwise you may never be able to take opportunities that present themselves to you in 2018. Worst still, you may never find the right opportunity for you.

When you are looking for a club, you should put in place a machanism to receive regular notifications of football trials around the world.

But getting all the trial notifications may not amount to much if you don't have someone who will guide you to get invitation letters, obtain visa and pass through airport protocols before you get to the destination of the foreign club.

Get this clear....
Most clubs are not ready to invite you for trials if they don't have a convincing Scouting report about you or watch a very attractive promo-video footages of your recent performances. You must prepare this marketing tools ahead of time, so you can take advantage of opportunities that come your way in 2018.

This is the point I am making...
In 2017, we sent out several trial notifications to thousands of players in our network, but only few could take advantage of those opportunities... and it all became a wasted effort on our own part.

The problem is the players think they are ready for professional football career, only to find out they have not even started. Some don't even have an international passport, no scouting report or standard profile, no promo-video footages...nothing to present to the clubs about the player??

Some don't have the finances to process their travel documents for visa and to purchase their flight ticket... This is what I am saying, it is difficult to guide a young amateur player from Nigeria or other West African countries. They are always thinking that the Agent will foot the bills, so they come empty hand, begging for help.

But you must understand, this is not charity, it is business....
As they say, "if you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail." So what's your plan and strategy to get a club in 2018? You need a Sport marketing consultant to help package you and prepare you for 2018... And I think you should start now.

4 Ways We Plan to Market Players to Clubs in 2018
We at GreenHunters Sports International have already set out a clear plan to make our players more attractive... and how we can deliver them to clubs abroad.

We are only going to work with outstanding talents, who has what it take to play football at the highest level.

So if you are sure of your skills, then you must come for our Talent Assessment program on Monday December 11 or Monday December 18, 2017. Call: +234(0)8098772556 for further inquiry.

These are some of the strategic programs we have lined up for 2018

1. Qatar Mission: Selected players will be touring Qatar and the middle-east to play several scouting tournaments; where foreign scouts and Agents will be present to offer club trials to any of the players that catch their attention. Qatar mission will last for a year.

2. Masterclass Talent Exhibition: #MTE2018 will go regional from select players from Owerri, Enugu, Abuja and Kano. The grand finale will hold in Lagos in April 2018, where various Foreign scouts, Agents, club coaches and Managers will be present to select players for their clubs.

3. Promo-video Production: Both Qatar Mission tournaments and Masterclass Talent Exhibition will be covered on Video. The production crew will exact video clips of each of the best performing players into. Promo-video footages we can present to agents and club managers.

4. Club Trials: we've finalized some kind of partnership arrangement and during the year will be getting specifications to send players to Kaiserslautern, Köln, St. Truiden, VVV_  and Lokeren for trials.

Note: only players we have assessed and certified good enough (players who have signed a mandate Agreement with us) can be offered club trials. 

So if you are ready to get ahead in 2018, you quickly Register for the Talent Assessment program. Registration is N10,000 or $35 USD only! Call: +234(0)8098772556 for further insructions.

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