Christmas Bonus: Promote your Hometown Football Competition - And Get Holidaymakers Excited!

Christmas is usually a time of home coming, especially in places across south - east Nigeria... and you want all your folks, home boys and girls, to be around this yuletide period.

Inter-village or inter-town football competition is one of those events that holidaymakers look forward to enjoying during Christmas. So you want to get them excited beforehand by letting them know what are lined up for this years competition.

It is always interesting to know which of the popular stars will be around this year..and of course, there are always the rising stars breaking out to limelight and everybody are waiting to see how they will square up with the big boys this time around.

You can create great expectations for the holidaymakers by letting them know about the star-players that will be starring in the competition this year.

More of what the sponsors or organizers have packaged for the competition...the prize tag and other side attractions could also boost the expectation level.

The holidaymakers will want detailed information on their hand. The competition fixtures, when their favorite teams will be playing so they could plan their schedules to attend the matches. They would want to know rules and regulations as well as peculiar instructions guiding the competition.

In today's world most people want these information online so they can access them on their devices: Smartphones, tabs or their laptops.

Blogging your hometown football competition may be what you need to do. And popular blog like CheerOnNigeria will help promote it to a global audience for just $100 USD (N36,000 only). Now, i call this a Christmas Bonus! Advertorial like this will normally go for $500 USD ((N180, 000 only).

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