Kwese TV to Broadcast All Super Eagles Matches (Friendly, Training camps and More...) - As Nigeria Prepare for 2018 Fifa World Cup

It was a huge disappointment for the numerous fans that scan through DSTV, from one SuperSports channel to another hoping to find the one airing the Nigeria - Argentina International friendly match in Russia. SuperSports nor other notable sports television stations in Nigeria didn't broadcast that Match.

Unknowing to many hungry football consumers in Nigeria, Kwese TV were broadcasting the match LIVE!

Kwesé Free Sports is Africa’s largest and holds exclusive free-to-air rights to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and the Premier League. And the Ghana based pay-tv are committed to making Nigeria participation in 2018 Fifa world cup a memorable one not only to Nigerian fans but to the entire African football audience.

Kwese tv will be there to cover Super Eagles trainings, inside camp footages, players pre and post match appearances as well as friendly games, even training matches as the Nigeria national team prepare and participate in the mundial.

Kwese tv in partnership with DBN Africa will also be broadcasting fans polls and street views as well as paparazzi tit-bits gossips around the world cup euphorias. This reason you quickly subscribe Kwese tv.

What you Should Know About Kwese tv
Kwesé has pioneered a ‘pay-as-you-watch’ subscription packages for premium programming, which enables consumers to purchase three and seven day subscriptions at 990 naira and 1,850 naira respectively, as well as a 30 day subscription option for only 6,275 naira.

The satellite dish and decoder combo are sold for 10,960 naira, inclusive of installation. Also, the first month’s (30 day) subscription to Kwesé TV’s full entertainment and sports bouquet is free.

The full Kwesé TV bouquet offers over 65 channels such as CNN International, DreamWorks, DTX, ESPN, VICELAND, Diddy’s REVOLT TV and home-grown channels such as Channels TV, TVC News and NTA.

Nigerian audiences can remain connected to Kwesé after expired subscription with channels such as Africa News, Flow TV, NTA, Islam TV and Kwesé Free Sports.

The Cable TV also prides itself in being the exclusive broadcast partner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in sub-Saharan Africa.

How you Can Partner with Kwese and Make Money
Now, let's talk business, Kwese is the Hottest in demand pay tv... for the whole of 2018 and beyond you can make huge profits partnering with Kwese as a dealer in Nigeria

How to partner KWESE

Two types of partners are available:

Mega dealer
Super dealer

Mega Dealer
To be a mega dealer you will need to be situated in a province with the biggest warehouse i.e in one of states in Nigeria.

As a mega dealer, you’re in-charge of a state. This isn’t limited to just one state. You could expand to get dealership in other states. It’s all about investment.

Your store will be like a visual office, branded Kwese

Quantity to buy to become a mega dealer:kwese-delaers-in-Africa

You must be in position to buy quantity of more than 100 decoders plus or else a reasonable number.

Super dealer
This is designed for small and medium businesses, who do not have the huge capital to buy in large quantity. You become an E-dealer, i.e buys stock online via KWESE website

Quantity to buy to become an e-dealer dealer:

For an E-dealer, you need to buy a minimum of 5 decoders. If you buy at this time of a promo, you get additional one as BONUS.

How to Apply

Applying to become an authorized Kwesé Dealer can be done these easy steps:

Simply click the apply button and complete the application form. You will then be prompted to provide or fill your details under General, Contact and Business information.

After in putting and attaching your details, then click on Submit

Once you’ve submitted your application form you’ll hear back from a Kwesé representative within 5 working days.

If your application is approved you will be invited to a training workshop where Kwesé team will provide you with all the tools you need.

The final step is to invite you to the online dealer portal which will provide you with easy online tools to manage your journey with Kwesé.
And if successful you will be given the login details and password to proceed login and purchase the stock

This will follow after you have been approved

You will receive official communication

Start investing!


Kwesé network is Africa’s first truly converged media company with pan-African businesses in Pay TV, Free-to-Air TV, and Digital.

Kwesé is a distinctly African entertainment company, disrupting the industry by breaking through the confines of traditional approaches to broadcasting. We aim to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic and globally connected African viewer by providing affordable, premium content to audiences across the continent.

We can’t achieve this without partners like you and have put this dealer program together in order to find partners who belive in our vision and would like to work with us in achieveing this.

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