Understanding Football Traction and Simply Use It to Build A Million Dollar Business

Rarely anyone would write a post like this over the internet, on a free to read blog. It's like devulging your secret formula and your competitive advantage. Nobody will really want to hand out his Cash Cow as a gift, but that's what am about to give to you now.

This is a very important article, I must say so. If you’re feeling non-committal at the moment, don’t read it. Save it. Bookmark this page for later, when you are more relax and ready for it.

You’ll be glad you did, especially if your goal is to become a successful football player's Agent. This will be your turning point if you are already failing... After reading this article you will turn around overnight to own a million dollar business as a player's Agent. Thank your star you came across this post.

The three factors that determine an entrepreneur's success, that turn his idea and dreams into a million dollar business enterprise are: Passion, Technology and Traction.

The first two factors may not be the issue here.
 Anyone who choose to become a football player's agent is usually driven by passion for the sports and the love for representing players. So they feel great working as a player's agent and can work 24 hours 7days and don't easily get discouraged or farged out by the numerous challenges of not delivering or not making money.

Indeed, they put most of their effort working, most times on the minor and leaving out the critical factor that lead to success in the business.

Secondly, technology may not be the issue too. Today, everyone uses some form of technology in their daily life and can easily deploy some of them for their business.

Everyone uses some kind of device, smartphone, tab, computer... Almost everyone is on the social media: facebook, linkedin, WhatsApp, Skype...So it is easy to build a website, create a social media webpage or blog for your business communications and visibility online. E-commerce is so easy to operate these days.

The major issue why many player's agent fail is lack of understanding of football traction. Without traction, you don't have a business. You are only toying away your time with your fantasy.

Traction. There’s no greater validation that you’re onto something big than having active users or consumers scrambling to have your product. Two things you should know and understand very well as a football entrepreneur are your product and your customers...understanding the dynamic factors that continually attract the customers to buy your product, then work to improve on it always.

Football traction can be complex and misleading..  For instance, a football academy may put more of their effort in admitting young and upcoming players as their customer, they pay admission and training fee to join the academy, but in the real sense, grooming these young players and transfering them to a professional club is the ultimate business. So transfering players to professional clubs and earning tranfer fees should be what the aacademy should focus on....that means pro-clubs are their more beneficial customers.

Many player's Agent behave as if football players are there customers, so they go ahead making money out of them; while in the actual sense players are their product.

This is why you may notice that the Golden Boot investors—after patiently listening through all those canned pitches—inevitably circle back to the same questions.
"Do you have professional clubs actively ready to buy your players?" " How many players have you been able to transfer in the past and how much money have you made from such transfers?" The answer you give will determine if the football venture capitalist would go ahead to invest on your business project or not.

Most player Agents would rather tell you. "I have a lot of good players I manage...and I know they have what it takes to pass any club trials in world."  Having a lot of good players in your agency doesn't translate into any business.

The issue isn't having good players. There are lots of good players around the world. For instance, there are over 10 million active players in Nigeria seeking to sign for a professional club abroad.

The truth is, if a club gave you a specification to deliver a certain kind of player today, you can find the player in Nigeria within a twinkle of an eyes. And that player will be ever ready to follow you. So the challenge isn't good players, but finding professional clubs ready to sign these good players of yours.

As a player's agent, it will be unwise if you focus more of your effort in getting good players as your clienteles, you will just be operating in vicious circle each football season without results.

Two Reasons why most Player's Agents fail...
1. They use more of their time and resources in discovering good and outstanding players, but doesn' t have the connections to transfer these players into good professional clubs locally or abroad.

2. They put more of their efort seeking other Agents to help them find a club for their players. This is another waste of time, because if the Agent even oblige to finds a club for your player, he will steal the player from you and you will not get a dim if the deal.

The point is, focus more of your effort in finding more clubs ready to recruit your players. By doing this, you are already on your way to building a million dollar business.

In our player's Agents training we help you understand football traction very well...and give you 4 simple ways to grow your traction and turn your Agency into a million dollar business.

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