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I have a special gift for you.
What I'm about to share with you now is a secret treasure that will change your fortune forever! This could be perhaps the smallest investment anyone could make that has the greatest Return On Investment (ROI) in heaven and on earth! I am not exaggerating, you can become very rich in the next 45minutes or so.

I know, the highest investment you can add to your portfolio, trending today is BitCoin. The ROI of this crypto- currency have been amazing, over 2000% rate of return in the last one year or so.

Okay, don't get agitated...
I am not about to share on BitCoin, Crude oil block, Real estate or Stock may probably or already know how much returns such kind of investments can deliver to you.

"The smallest Investment anyone could make that has the greatest ROI both in heaven and here on earth..."

Truly, i didn't create it, so don't start thinking i may be another genius. I read it online myself few months ago and that very article has change my life and my fortune...that was it! What most people wouldn't want to do, not because it is difficult or strenuous, but because of a self-destructive Pride!

You well know i am a blogger, I research a lot and write a lot of articles; average of two daily. So i read a lot too! In my over 10years of doing this, i have read thousands of rev-articles, but none compares or add-more-value like this one written by Dave Kerpen "ROI Of Gratitude."

Have you ever thought of it? What happens when you tell someone "thank you" for the first time; and genuinely impress it on the person that you are truly thankful? You have made a simple investment that will pay-off much more folds from that moment. The person will be willing to do much more favor to you and probably recommend you in high places. that's the ripple effect of that simple word "thank you!"

Much easier to say, than to castigate or run down the effort of people around you, which on the contrary, cost you to loose more.

Kerpen has said in the article that we should practise gratitude...
Consciously looking for what you should be thankful about in the people around you and not what annoy you in them. It will give you a mindset of gratitude after sometime of practise.

The problem with many of us is actually the way we think...We often think we are better than other people and choosing to only see the poor attributes of your house-help, mother-in-law, step-mother or worst cases your husband/ wife or children, boss at work... Turn your thinking 360 degrees around and be more grateful even for little things.

Since I read "ROI Of Gratitude"
It's Thanksgiving Every Day! Every single night at the dinner table, my family and I practise... share with each other one person we're grateful to on that day. Kerpen has written about the business value of gratitude and the power of gratitude to change your life and that of others around you.

One of the biggest thrills I get in my daily gratitude practice is when I am able to feel gratitude for someone or something I've never felt gratitude for before. It reminds me of my (small) place in this world, and reminds me there's always someone and something new to be grateful for.

I wanted to give more people this gift of gratitude for someone new, so I asked young footballers during our training camp and  students of BLW Foundation School when discussing their project papers...who they are thankful for, but have never thanked before.

For me, I am ever grateful to almighty God for giving me eternal life and His gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus.  My man of God in Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for teaching me the word of God and his special message that give life to the dead. Pastor chudi Onyekwere, pastor at my local assembly, for his personal interest in my spiritual and physical development. Thank you sir!

My wife, Helen Chukwueke, have really been a pillar and great support in our family, especially in her financial support and taking care of our children. I love you, Thank you.

I never had opportunity to really say thank you to my late father, Benson Chukwueke snr. He taught me a lot and laid the foundation for leading an axcellent life today. He always said, "A good name is better than gold."

My mother who trained me as a special child and always supported me to succeed in life. Thank you, I am so grateful.

Finally, my elder brother, who has shown extraordinary love and sacrifice of time and money to fund my education. Thank you, i truly appreciate all your sacrifices.

To my friends and brethern, thank you for contributions to my life.

Now it's your turn! Who are you thankful to that you've never thanked before? Please share in the Comments section below, and be sure to tag the people you want to share your gratitude with. Thank you for reading, God bless.

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