How You Can Follow NPFL And Get Real Time Daily Updates

Yes, you are right. One of the advantage the Premier League (PL) has over the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) is that PL news, video footages and other promotional materials are found everywhere in both the traditional media as well as the social media.  So, it is easy for fans to follow.

For instance, SuperSports broadcast about 90% of PL programings... from live matches to other delayed programs. But same station could broadcast only one NPFL match per week,

PL never leave fans dominates all the sports news and programming on tv, radio as well as newspapers and magazines in Nigeria... it dominates the talk of the town.

For those fans really interested in NPFL, they find it so difficult to follow the league. Most media in Nigeria hardly could give real time updates.

Well, both the lmc and Npfl clubs now took it upon themselves to update fans via soical media, especially Twitter and Youtube. So the best way to follow Npfl is to follow on twitter and youtube.

How do you achieve that? Create a Twitter account if you don't already have one, then search Lmc_npfl as well as the names of all your favorite npfl clubs on twitter. Then click to follow them and you are ready to receive real time update on your device notification.

  1. Youtube may not give you all the real time updates of NPFL like the case of PL. But if you want to see some video highlights just search youtube to see if the match is recorded. You must understand that it is not all NPFL matches are shot on video.

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