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Chika Johnson Clifford: Fast, Strong, Reliable Central-Midfield Player from Nigeria [Highly Recommended!]

“It`s time for Chika Johnson to shine at the highest level in the world of football – and it`s time for bigger clubs to understand the level he is capable of operating now”

Chika Johnson Clifford with his unique skills, will get the attention of any coach as far as the game of football is concern. You will just wonder why this guy is still playing at the amateur level.

The first time I saw Chika Johnson live in action, in a pressured match situation, was at the Masterclass Talent Exhibition; when his team played bagaiman  MFM fc...then the leading team in Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL),

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He was up against, at the time, the best midfield and attacking duo in the Nigerian league: Ifeanyi Ifeanyi and Sikiru Olatubonsun, then the highest goal scorer, Stephen Odey.

Johnson played in the middle of the park in the familiar 4-3-3 formation – laying a bit deep with clear defensive responsibilities...stopping and intercepting every moves made by MFM team...sliding, tackling and personally making sure Stephen Odey didn't score any goal.

And I could hear the over 5,000 fans at the Digital Bridge Stadium hail him, every time he made another astonishing interception, they shouted the popular Union Bank advert slogan: Fast, Strong, Reliable!

Johnson's horse power (Stamina) and ball winning skills is just out of this world, both on ground as well as ball on flight. My colleague Joseph Onyekachi, an ardent Chelsea fan, said: Chika Johnson play just like Ngolo Kante, and has the potential to be even better.

Chika Johnson showed quick feet and seemed comfortable on the ball in most areas when receiving it. Although he lost the ball a few times he didn’t seem too stressed with the high pressure from the opposition. He always move to correct any mistake he made. He goes for the ball and on every occasion seemed to always have a plan when receiving the ball. Johnson is an incredible combative midfielder with an unbelievable fighting spirit.

Johnson seemed to read the game well, playing quick long passes to start counter-attacks and at other times, playing short passes forward and backward to ease the tempo of the game. He organizes the midfield very well, helping to cover up some of the weaknesses of his teammates.

I was convinced straight away that this player belonged at a higher level. The few errors he made were sort of expected, playing in a Masterclass selected team, just assembled few days before the match.

Two days after the match, MFM coach Ilechukwu, called me on phone to inquire if he can sign Johnson to fortify his team. Yeah, Chika Johnson is every coach's delight, he had gotten local offers to sign for Heartland FC and Delta Force FC. But I think it's time Chika Johnson shine at the world stage, in a top flight team, preferably in Europe.

Watch Chika Johnson's Video Footage during the Masterclass Talent Exhibition 2017.

I was stunned myself after seeing his performances, but I never knew the reason Chika Johnson wasn't discovered earlier. Now 21 years old and still playing at the amateur level, is something regrettable. but he decided to finish his college education in Malaysia first, where he also played for a semi- pro side.

Chika Johnson is a cool focused young man and very professional in his approach to the game as well as in pursuit of his football career. He's a team player.  In fact, a team leader! Other players easily rally around him, yet he has a very humble personage, always ready to learn and follow instructions.

I highly recommend him for any top flight club in Europe, and I strongly believe he could help the course of both the Under21 or Under23 Nigeria national teams. Let the NFF give him a trial call up to any of the national teams and then, see for themselves.

Chika Johnson Clifford is a Nigerian born defensive midfielder, currently at the amateur level (free Agent), If your club is interested in negotiating a contract with him or  inviting him for a trial test; please contact us. Telephone:+234(0)8098772556 or Use the Contact form on blog below.

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