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Paradigm Shift: The Principle that Let You Achieve Your Goals, Your Dreams, Anything You Want in Life!

Good day! It's your DAY today, so grab it with both hands! Never let this moment pass you by. You will soon understand the reason I'm admolishing you like this. Meanwhile, let me sing you a special song

"I can do ANY-TH-ING
You can call me SU-PER-MAN
The Spirit of God LIVES-IN-ME...."

Have you heard this SUPERMAN song by Martin Phike, Oh Yes! You need to get it at all cost! It is more than a song, there's a principle of success embedded in the lyrics. Or maybe, you are more familiar with R.Kelly's:

"I believe I fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through the open door..."

One thing that really changed my life and allowed me to achieve both my financial goals or anything i have always wanted to achieve WAY beyond my wildest dreams... was when I learned this principle of life for success that applies in anything you want to achieve.

Thank your star you saw this post. This is one article that will change your life forever. So if you don't have enough time to study it now,  bookmark it or save this page offline, till you have the time to study it thoroughly.

Since I began to apply this principle, I was able to make so much money from by dream job. Running a digital sport marketing company that specializes on football was more like leisure than a job for me...and I have plenty of free time which I like to dedicate to my family, to my christian fellowship, and to other stuff that I like.

Wasn't easy and wasn't fast for me. I couldn't find a substantial job after I graduated from the Polytechnic in 1996...and the minal jobs I managed to find, I loose them as soon as I try to settle down.. The last time, I was a $100/month motorcycle salesman... but I was sacked seven months after,  for not meeting my half year target; then I decided to quit this job thing.

So you can imagine the struggles I went through. My academic intelligence failed me! I lost my personality and confidence to confront life. When I received this life principle for success from the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome:

"If you cannot find a job, create one! He that stole steal no more, work with your hands...

Don't run into a business because other people are getting into it. Find a need you have the passiom and skills to meet, then go ahead and meet it...It doesn't  matter the kind of job or business you do, once it is good for God and humanity; what matters is knowing and understanding life principle for success and then applying it in your life situations to change it for good."

I am already teaching my three kids this principle and everytime we seat down acreate what we wanted and see it come to pass.

So what's the goal achieving secret?

Outline what you want to achieve, MEDITATE over it...ponder, imagine that you have it already, believe it, declare it always and act on it. SIMPLE!

The power of Meditation,
 your imagination is your creative power;
your declaration (words) bring your abstract creations into phyiscal being.
If you can see it, then you have it.

Create it, believe it, declare it and act on it!

1) Create it. See it in your imagination, it is your goal and see it in as much detail as possible. For example, if your dream is to own a new car, be specific. What kind of car? Is it a Hummer, Is it a H3 Bulletproof? What color is it? What does the interior smell like when you open the door and sit down in the driver's seat? Specificity matters a lot.

2) Believe it. Think about your goal often, and feel happy and grateful as if it has already happened. For example, if you've imagined that your goal is to drive a brand new H3 Bulketproof Hummer in a year, see yourself already owning it. See yourself driving down a road you like.

3) Declare It: profess it, confess your goals in your prayers, in your speech and interactions. Say I have it, rather than say I will soon have it. Remember, your word bring your abstract creation into physical being. Learn to do a faith proclamation session, where you speak your goals and wants into being.

4) Act on it. This is the most important bit... and this separates new-agey dreamers from people who actually achieve their goals. You act as if you're already the person who you want to become. What would it take for you to own that car? What do you need to do to generate the income or capital for investment, you need to afford it!

Now, here is where many people flutter in the principle. You need enough income to afford the car, you need large capital to invest in the business you have created. Then follow the natural principle of sowing and reaping.

If the money you have at hand is not enough, convert it into a seed. Seed grown multiply after its kind. An orange seed planted, grow to produce orange tree, with mulitples of orange seeds. If you need large income or capital beyond your capacity now, SOW MONEY SEED!

Good Ground, you may ask how can I plant money on the ground?
There are phyiscal grounds and spiritual grounds. You can plant your money in a spiritual ground. Some of the world's wealthest people sow on spiritual grounds. Some sow to orphanage homes, less privilege people, sick or displaced persons...

As a christian I saw for the furtherance of the gospel and the work of the Kingdom of God, because I saw in my bible all the rewards of sowing my money into this ground. For me, it is the best Spiritual ground for sowing money or other kind of seeds.

What Stops Most People
Now, what stops most people from using this simple four step process and achieving what they want in life? It's their internal programming... which my friend Friend Louis Johnson calls paradigms.

Paradigms are mental programs that have almost exclusive control over your habitual behavior... and almost all your behavior is habitual. Paradigms control the way you view yourself, the world, and opportunity. It is called MIND SET.

Paradigms control how you approach change and challenges. Paradigms control your success and happiness in life.

Change your paradigms (mind set) to better ones (and eliminate the ones that have been holding you back or down)... and you too, will see incredible change happening in your life.

How do you change them?

Start attending seminars and programs that will lead to your Paradigm Shift... and I'd like to recommend that you start following Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of Believers Loveworld or find a Christ Embassy Church close to you and start attending. You're going to be able to follow him online or download Live TV App on Google play store or Apple Store.

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