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10 Promos that Offers You Free Trip to Russia 2018 World Cup - Try Your Luck Now!!

Feel lucky, you can still be at the 2018 Fifa world cup in Russia, but you must take action now! You have about few months to try your luck... Just believe, your faith can see you through. That's the Spirit!

Rightnow, many brands are doing some kind of sales promotion, you could buy and win just like "Buy Kwese TV Decoder and Win a Free Trip to the World Cup."

Do your research, in some promo you may not even need to buy anything, Just play and win like "Hyndai Create A Slogan and Win A Free Trip to the World Cup.

While we're looking for such sale promotional oportunities to update this article daily, your job also is to find at least 10 promos that offers free trip to the 2018 world cup and go ahead to participate following their instructions to the later.

This is what you should do...go to Google or any other search engine and type "Offer Free Trip to 2018 World Cup" ...then select at least ten of the opportunities displayed.

However, if your company is doing such free trips to the world cup promos, kindly give our readers the link in the commentary box below. It is all for the love of the beautiful game.

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