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Finance Players' Football Trials Abroad and Earn Over 100% Profit from their Sign-on Fees

Sports Business Investment
Golden Boot Capital is a subsidiary of GreenHunters Sports International which mobilize football Venture Capitalists for premium short term investments

Our long expertise in Sport Marketing and Management sector can help you capitalize on a short term/ high yielding Football venture with two types of activation - Funding a high quality player to go for football trial-test abroad or Funding the Biggest football Scouting event in Africa, Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE) here in Nigeria. Your capital can yield over 100% Return On Investment (ROI) within 90 days or so.

1. Funding A Player to go for Trial-test Abroad
GreenHunters are discovering some of the highest quality amateur football players in West Africa, through their regular Talent Assessment Program (TAP) and are giving these youths lifeline to pursue international football career abroad.

GreenHunters are helping some of these players find opportunities to go for trial-test in pro or semi-pro clubs abroad, but are needing investors to fund the entire trial process in return, share an agreed percentage on the player's Sign-on fee if he or she succeeds in signing a contract with a club.

2. Funding Scouting Event, Masterclass Talent Exhibition
GreenHunters also organize one of the biggest scouting program in Africa, Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE), where they bring top scouts and agents, especially from Europe and America to watch these discovered talents and possibly select them for club trial-test abroad. This also require investors to fund the foreign scouts trip and stay in Nigeria. In return share a percentage of sign-on fees of all the players selected who eventually succeeds in signing club contract abroad.

3. High Risk, High Yielding Investment
Of course, investing in the future of a football player is a HIGH RISK! What if the player doesn't succeed in signing a contract with a club...the venture capitalist looses a lot of money!

But with the kind of money thrown at players in Europe and China these days, it is worth taking the risk! Golden-boot Capital Scheme is one of a High Risk, High Yielding investment out there. A venture capitalist could earn over 100% of his investment in just a period as short as 90 days or so.

How It Works
An investor interested in funding a high quality player to the next football trial test abroad, watch the player's current performance and study details of his or her invitation letter for trials, including the budget.

Then Golden Boot Capital stand as an intermediary to sign an agreement with Investor on behalf of the player. No one trial project is the same, our part is to help the investor understand the dynamics of deal and risk involved.

For further inquiry
Interested investors should call or whwhatsapp: +234(0)809 877 2556 or Email: You can as well drop a note on the contact form below on this blog.

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