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10 Reasons Kiddies Holiday Football Camp Is In High Demand in Nigeria [Why Your School Should Organize One This Long Vacation]

- 10, 000,000 Search Online for Kiddies Holiday Football Camp in Nigeria
In 2017, we had over 50,000 parents and guardians call us on telephone, and asked us to help them find a kiddies holiday Football coaching close to their location. The high rate of inquiry prompted us to research.

Wow! The result we got were simply amazing and an eye opener to us: Over 10 million Nigerians search online for "Kiddies Holiday (summer) Football Camp between April and August 2017.  Then we searched further to find out the reasons for the high demand of Kiddies Holiday Football Camp nowadays.

1. Nigerians love for football cannot be over emphasised. Parents follow and support one team or another and would want their kids to become the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. You know what I mean.

2. Influence of World Cup and other European footbal leagues on TV cause kids to push their parents to look for kiddies football team around or at least a holiday football training camp where they can go and play.

3. Scarcity of Regular Kiddies Football Clubs cause parents to search for such events during the holiday. Maybe, some schools or football academies may decide to organize a short hiliday training program.

4. Parents want their kids to  learn new things during holiday and not just go to summer holidays coaching classes for another round of academic work. Going to learn football helps the kids develop better mentally and physically. They get reinvigorated before the next school session.

5. Parents want their kids to be involved in structured physical exercises and break away from computer games (PSP football playstation) that is largely hampering their physical development.

6. Parents want their kids to be inspired for alternative career option. As you know football nowadays are very lucrative.  Footballers are earning remunerations that can change the fortune of their entire generation both those alive and those yet to be born.

8. There's generally inadequate  receational facilities around most places in Nigeria. Schools are building classrooms on their pitches and little or no sports curriculum in most private schools. This is the parents search for holiday football camp where their kids can go and play.

9. The otherside of it is social insecurity. With lots of kidnapping and terrorism stories across Nigeria, parents are afraid to allow their children play outside, especially during the holidays, they prefer to take them to a holiday camp where they will be adequately taken care.

10. More than ever before, parents run very tight daily schedules. They leave home very early and come back so late and leave their kids in the hands of care givers. Holiday football camp will just be right to engage their kids during the long vacation.

Why Your School Should Organize A Holiday Football Camp This Long Vacation

Most kiddies holiday football camps a better organized in schools than in a stadium facility. A school that already has boarding facilities will only have to reactivate them during the camping period. Teachers are better care giver than football coaches. So your school games master and other interested teachers can take up kiddies football camping this long vacation.

Organizing Kiddies Holiday football camp will be a good promotional event that will advertise your schools to parents in your locality. It will be a good time to show off your football field and other recreational facilities as well as your organization excellence.

Parents will prefer to pay double the price they pay for summer coaching classes just to get their kids participate in a holiday football camp. So it is more lucrative to organize a Kiddies holiday football camp this long vacation.

If you leave around the Ikeja Axis, then your kids can Register for Free Kick: Kiddies Holiday Football Camp in Omole Phase2. For further Enquiries contact us on mobile or WhatsApp Chat: +234(0)809 877 2556 or Email:

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