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How to Get Trial Invitations From Football Clubs Abroad, Without Video Clips

What If You Didn't Have A Good Video Clips, What Are Your Next Options To Get Football Clubs Abroad to Invite You For Trials?
It's important and football clubs would always ask for your most recent Video Clips and your Transfermarket link, if you are already a professional footballer.

Promo-video clips is even required more for an amateur player with no verifiable CV or Transfermarket rating. Your Video Clips is what you can use to attract good clubs abroad.

It is not just any video clips, it is called Promo-video clips, because they are edited clips of your best performances in different competitive matches. The rating of the league or tournaments where these video clips are edited from determines how attractive it could be to clubs.

I have watched a lot of terrible video clips several players from Nigeria and around Africa send to me. They are really funny and very laughable too. I can't imagine sending such to a club abroad. Couldn't even idenify the player in question among the park.

Promo-video clips shouldn't be made out of trainings or friendly games. It looks more awful if you try to act it out, clubs can easily know when your video clips are stage managed.

Promo-video clips aren't match videos. An entire match videos can be boring to watch or too long and distractive to even identify all your good performances. Promo-Video clips is usually a short document between 5minutes to about 25minutes, which highlights different aspects of your skills and your best performances.

So What If You Didn't Have A Promo-video Clips At All...or A Good One For That Matter, What's your next option to attract A  Good club abroad?
Your next option is to find a way to play in front of scouts and agents, then if you are outstanding they may select you for a club trials abroad. So the challenge is, how would you get to play in front of  Scouts and Agents:

1. Go for A Showcase: There are few showcases organized locally here in Nigeria, such as Masterclas Talent Exhibition (MTE) or Aspire Open Trials Lagos. These are open trials or exhibition programs where foreign and local Scouts as well as Agents are invited to select players.

The challenge is most of these Showcases organized locally can only invite few foreign scouts and Agents because of the huge expenses involved. Second, there are lot of players participating in these showcases. Sometimes, it can be rowdy.

It is better for players who can afford to fund a trip abroad to attend Showcases such as FootballCV Trials,  Global Soccer Showcase Swindon UK, Soccer ID  Showcases organized in different location in Europe and Asia...

2. Join A Team On Trial Tour Abroad: Look for a local club or Academy going for a playing tour abroad. Academies like FCBescola will be touring Spain in July and Great Olympias Academy will be touring UAE and Qatar in August and September 2018. Find their contact and see if you can be admitted to join them for the tour.

In these tours, the academies play several trial matches with some of the teams abroad and if your performances are outstanding and attractive to the club, they may decide to sign you.

3. Go for International Tournaments: There are academies and clubs that go for some of these international tournaments. Buruji football academy usually attend Manchester United Football Festival in the UK and Midas football Academy attend Global Football tournament in Dublin and sometimes, they attend Villareal tournament in Spain.

In these international tournaments the academy play infront of many top Scouts and Agents from around the world.

4. Find An Influential Player's Agent to represent you. There are Agent and there are Agents. If you find an influential Agent who is ready to represent you, he can get trials from several clubs just with his report about you.

Influential Player's Agents are connected to several Scouts and Club management, so they could help you seal deals faster if you are that good.

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