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Why Great Olympic Football Academy Is Ranked One of the Best in Nigeria

- If you're looking for a good football academy in Nigeria, we recommend - Great Olympic Football Academy Lagos!

- Great Olympic Football Academy : Registered with Lagos Football Assocation LAFA) and Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), as well as Companies and Allied  Coporations (CAC).

Parents are usually in great dilemma when trying to choose the right football academy for their talented kid. Maybe, they are not well informed about academy football; or maybe, they don't know the criteria for selecting the best academy close to their city or country.

Football academy is actually a school where football talents are groomed in anticipation to become professional footballers. Think of what you should consider when choosing a school for your child. It's the same with choosing a football academy. We feel you should consider these seven checklist when choosing an academy for your kid:
1. Quality and Qualified Coaching staff
2. Facilities 
3. Curriculum and coaching method
4. Local and International Exposure
5. Afiliations and opportunities for Trials abroad
6. Achievements and Results.
7. Affordable Academy Fees

This is the reason we ranked Great Olympics Football Academy as one of the best in Nigeria. Read on to know why?

1. Quality and Qualified coaching staff: The academy is own by Abiodun Salawu, popularly known as Alhaji. A CAF Licenced coach and a football consultant. Has worked for Al Alhy Egypt, Aspire Qatar and FCBescola (FCBarcelona academy in Lagos). He is a well round developmental coach, that personally train students in the academy.

All his coaching staff are all graduates of NIS (Nigeria Institute of Sports). and are all exposed to update techniques for grooming and developing young players.

2. Facilities:
Great Olympic is located at the Former National Stadium Surulere Lagos, and the academy uses the world class facilities in the Stadium. They train both on the well grassed Legico pitch, the Artifical (synthetic pitch) and Hockey (Sand Pitch) all in the stadium.

The academy students learn to play in different kind of pitches and are exposed to different weather for their proper conditioning.

The academy is well equiped with over hundred balls, cones, bass plates, target dumpies....

Academy Camp: Few distance away from the stadium, the academy has a world class camp that could accommodate hundred students or more. All student in the camp are entitled to a bed space and a private locker, customized kits with the player's name boldly printed on each kit.

Off course, the friendly relationship in camp with strict rules that must be followed gives players in academy an atmosphere of what's like in a professional team. The discipline in the academy is perhaps what may first ger the attention of any newcomer.

3. Curriculum and Coaching Method: The academy uses the English Association manual for academies and youth teams players...and also adopted Roger Bongeart's most renowned TSM (Total Soccer Method).

These curricula exposes these young cadets to develop football intelligence, how to read games and adapt to several coaching formations and techniques during in and out game play.

4. Local and International Exposure: Great Olympics have been playing Federations (Challenge) Cup for the last ten years or so. They feature in trials and exhibition events organize here in Nigeria, such as: Aspire Open Trials, Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE).

Internationally, the academy feature in Trinida International Tournament in Cote D' Ivoire and are presently billed to travel for UAE/ Dubai Tour.

5. Affiliations and Trial Opportunities: Great Olympics own by Sal Ruff Sports international, are affiliated to Mid-East Sports Management group and has opportunities with clubs in Qatar, Oman, Iran, UAE...

6. Achievements and Results: Players like Babatunde Michael got trained at Great Olympics before he went on to sign for Wydad fc and now Qatar SC, Alhassan Ibrahim also went from Great Olympics to sign for FK Austria Vienna...

7. Affordable Fees: In spite all the accolades of the Academy, Great Olympics is the most affordable football academies in it's class.
Players form = NGN10,000
Admission Fee = NGN85,000 (including Accommodation and Kits)
Yearly Fee = NGN50, 000

Recommendation: If you're looking for an academy that will groom your child and bring out the best in his talent,...
Or before you take your player for trials abroad, let him first get the right training and fitness regime at Great Olympic Football Academy.
Call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556

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