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Football Trials Letter Of Invitation: How to Confirm It

-Know how to confirm if the football trial invitation Letter sent to you is Genuine or not

There are a lot of Football Trials Invitation Letter flying around on the Internet nowadays. It seems the latest way fraudsters are using to defraud naive and upcoming footballers. It's a shame really, but a lot of footballers and their parents had fell victim to this exploitation and many may still fall prey if they didn't come across articles like this exposing such racketeering.

But the unfortunate thing really is, some footballers will read this article, ignore it and still fall prey to the sweet nothings of these racketeers.

Four Reasons Footballers Fall Victim to Fraudsters
1. Desperation: The racketeers are taking advantage of the desperation of most upcoming players, especially those who feel they are already aging and only have few more years to play. Desperation is a bad thing... it blinds your eyes, block your ears and make you refuse to see reason.

In spite, the clarity that the invitation letter sent to you is fake, the player usually thinks: what if it turns out to be genuine? This may be my only opportunity to play abroad... Then, he goes ahead to commit a lot of money to it and the rest are story upon stories.

2. Ignorance: Sorry to say, most upcoming footballers and their guidance are ignorant of how player's recruitment and the transfer-market works. So they easily fall prey to anything thrown at them as trials invitation letter. No club will just see your profile or video clips on internet and decide to invite you, it is laughable, because it doesn't work that way.

3. Greed: Upcoming footballers and parents gets greedy after reading how millions of dollars are thrown at players. So racketeers send the letter of invitation from a top club, and state the millions of dollars, euros or pounds they will pay as sign on fee and tens of thousand the club will pay as weekly salary and bonuses.

So parents even go ahead to sell their properties to commit money to the racketeers when they see these figures and make their calculations.

4. Love for Lies: It seems these naive footballers love lies. They quickly buy-in when the racketeers embellish their stories with lots of exaggerations. There promise to take the player to Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayen Munich or Juventus sound good and in line with their dreams.

A genuine Agent or consultant may tell the player to follow steps not too attractive and involve hard work to further groom the player and make him more marketable to clubs... Players runaway from these kind of Agents or consultant. So they fall prey to their fantasy.

How to Confirm A Football Trials Invitation Letter - If Genuine or Fake?
The reason for this article is to give you tips on how to know if the invition letter sent to you for a football trials is genuine or not.

I have been confirming letter of invitation for many players through a very affordable means, but there are some of these letters you just know they are FAKE, by looking at the following:

1. Fake Contact: If the club email address on the invitation letter reads: or clubname@.... It's an indication that the invitation letter are lokely to be fake.

What you should do? Search for the club's website and check their contact page and see if it march with what you have on the letter of invitation. If not, then it is fake!

2. Club Processing Fee: If the invitation letter state that the player should pay processing fee to the club then it's a sign that the invitation letter may be fake. Let me state it clear here, no club will ask you to pay any processing fee after sending you invitation letter. It is a sign that the invitation lettet is fake.

3. Visa Processing Fee: If the person who sent you the invitation letter ask you to contact or pay visa processing fee to another agent. It could be another sign that the sender is part of the racketeers.

4. Statement on Sign-on Fee and Salary. No genuine Trials invitation letter will state anything about sign-on fees or salary of player coming for trials. Rather, some invitation letters will state Appearance fee, accommodation, feeding and welfare of player during the trials period.

Club's cannot make you an offer when they have not duely assessed your quality. Sign on fee and salary are rather stated on contact offer after round table discussion with the player and his representative agent.


The easy way to confirm Trial Invitation Letter sent to you.
- Ignore all the contact on the invitation letter, they may belong to racketeers' allies.

Search for the club's website → check for their contact page → Write to the email address you find on the Club's website contact page, attach the invitation letter and ask them for confirmation. Then, call the telephone number you saw on the club's website, telling the club representative or admin to confirm the trial letter of invitation you attach on the email you just sent to him. Let the club representative know you will call back in the next one hour to get a possible answer.

Please, save yourself the headache, and always confirm your Football trials invitation letter before you commit money for visa fee and other documentations. 
Well, if you want to be double sure, then you can engage us and for just N10, 000, we will help you confirm. No problem!

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